Introduction: Hookah

This is a tutorial to do a hookah, you can smoke tobacco or what you want to.

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Step 1: What We Need

- A glass bottle

- Conical nut •3/8

- Plastic hose •3 foot (we are going to look the smaller , we need to make sure to make the tightest space between the hose and the nut

- Insulating tape

- Coaxial conector

-Te filter

- Bottle Tap

- *Silicon pistol

Step 2: Plastic Hose

- We need to cut the hose of the wanted length (one large and other small / medium size.

- In the large one, we are going to put the hose and the conical nut together, making sure it's tight (if we have the silicon pistol, we can seal better the hose and the nut)

- Warp the hose to the nut

- In the smaller, we use the coaxial connector, and the bigger side, we seal to the hose with tape (or silicone)

Step 3: Filter

- We cut our te filter

- We put it in the nut and cutting the excess

Step 4: -Final Step

- We make two holes in the bottle tap, and put those hose in.

-*Seal them with silicone

- Fill the glass bottle with water 3/4 - 1/2

-Warp with the tape the bottle tap to the glass bottle.

Step 5: Examples:

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