Water Resistant Shoe

Introduction: Water Resistant Shoe

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I want to protect my sweat shoes from water, so i did this easy trick

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Step 1: Things You Need & Steps

1.A pair of sweat shoe ( its THE THING)

2.A candle (Water resistant substance)

3.A Hair Dryer (for melting the candle dusts)

First video clip shows that the shoes are not water resistant.

Second clip shows the procedure to make it water resistant.

MAIN STEPS-- Firstly you have to rub the candle all over the shoe surfaces. Then put on hair dryer in maximum hot mode and blow hot air all over the shoe surfaces.

Do the above 2 steps at least three times.

Now the shoes are water resistant.

Step 2: After the Procedure---- Water Can't Wet the Shoes.

Third video clip show that the shoes are not wet when water splashes on it, shoes just reflecting out the water as the surface is now hydrophobic.


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