Water Rising Warningsystem

Introduction: Water Rising Warningsystem

This is a system that senses when the water has gone up.

Step 1: Step 1: the Structure

You need: two pipes and something to attach the two pipes to each other.

How to: You put the smallest pipe into the largest pipe and then you have to attach them to each other.

Step 2:

You need: a drill.

How to: Make two holes at the top of the biggest pipe.

Why: The air can easily escape.

Step 3:

You need: to quarter circles.

How to: attach the two quarter circles at the top of the smallest pipe.

Step 4:

You need: a stick

How to: attach the stick at the top of the two quarter pipes.

Step 5:

You need: a stick, a screw and a bottle (the bottle has to fit into the largest pipe and the stick has to fit into the smallest pipe).

How to: attach the bottle at the bottom of the stick, and screw the screw on almost the top of the stick.

Step 6:

You need: a switch, an alarm (12V) and an adapter (240V input, 12V output).

How to: connect the adapter to the switch and the alarm, connect the switch to the alarm.

Step 7: Step 7: the Final Step

You need: the adapter with the switch and the alarm.

How to: make the switch attached to the upper stick (make sure that the switch is in the middle of the pipe). attach the alarm where you want. plug the adapter into the socket.

Put the stick into the frame and you have a water rising warning system.

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    Something like this would be really good to have in a crawlspace to watch out for flooding.