Water Rocket in $5

Introduction: Water Rocket in $5

About: Just trying to scratch gold of all the junk.

This is a cool water rocket that i have made from all junkyard materials. This is a very high pressure water rocket and anyone can built it within $5.Also viewers , this is my entry for the make it fly contest hope you make this rocket easily and enjoy launching it again and again....................

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Step 1: Gathering the Materials........

What will you need:
.....................For the launcher
1. 60 cm long pvc pipes (2pcs)
2. 20 cm long pvc pipes(5 pcs )
3. T shaped pvc pipes connector (3 pcs)
4. Pipe ending covering(3 pcs)
5. Rubber based adhesive
6. L shaped pvc pipe connector
7. High pressure foot pump
.....................For The Rocket
1. 1.5 litre soft drink bottle
2. Thin OHP plastic sheet(3 pcs )
3. Electrical tape(3 pcs)
4. Some papers
5. colourful papers (only for decoration)

Step 2: Making the Launcher.......

Making a launcher is a very easy task......so gather all the materials for making the launcher.Arrange the pipes show according to the image 1. After connecting everything seal all the joints with the Rubber based adhesive and your launcher is ready...........( you can refer to the other images in this step for making the launcher)

Step 3: Making the Rocket

Gather all the materials. Watch the video uploaded by me on the given link
Part 1

Part 2

Step 4: Getting Ready for Flight

Take the L shaped pvc connector and the foot pump.
Connect the L shaped pvc connector to the valve and seal it .
Now connect the other end of L shaped pvc connector to the laucher and put the rocket on the launcher as shown in the first image of the instructable.

Step 5: Launching the Rocket.................and Launched

Fill 200 ml of water approx. and put the rocket on the launcher such that the water in the rocket doesnt enter the launcher .(coz it can damage the foot pump).
Now ,,,i take a leave but enjoy flying the water rocket

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    4 years ago

    Nicely done! How far can it go?


    Reply 4 years ago

    It can go up to the height of 7-8 floors


    Reply 4 years ago

    Also plz vote this project