Water Rocket (realy Simple and Easy)

Introduction: Water Rocket (realy Simple and Easy)

The human being always have dreamed about traveling faster, beyond and places not explored before. At the end of the XIX century, the space began to occupy a space in the minds of many scientifics, researchers and people in general. Traveling to space was the biggest challenge to solve.

Today, we can experience all that exitement, using non dangerous fuel... the water.

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Step 1: Getting the Parts

First, the list of materials:

- PET bottle

- Carboard

- Air pump

- Wine cork

- Plastic tubing

- Ball inflating needle

- Cable tie

- Electrical tape

- Silicone glue

Firts cut the carboard as shown in the image. The triangles will be the nose and the other parts will be the tails (also the base for the rocket). Paste the tails and the nose as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Ball Inflating Needle

One end of the ball inflating needle will be assembled with the plastic tubing an shown in the picture. The other end will be assembled in the wine cork.

Step 3: Testing and Launch

Now that all the components are in place, it is launch time. Place the rocket as shown in the picture. Remember to add some water (2/5 of the bottle capacity) and place the wine cork in the bottle hole. Start increasing the air pressure inside the bottle using the air pump. At certain point the pressure inside the bottle will be big enought and the water will propel the rocket.

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