Water Saver for Toilet Flush Tanks.

Introduction: Water Saver for Toilet Flush Tanks.


A simple & effective way to reduce water consumption in flush tank of wash room

Generally flush tanks are designed as “1 size fits all”.

But most of the High Raise buildings doesn’t need the same quantity of water to flush.

The Problem:

By adjusting the Float level, you can reduce the water consumption.

But the discharge pressure will be reduced.

How to achieve both ?

Step 1: Open It Up!

Carefully Open the Tank. Please note, the tank opening might
change from model to model and vary by manufacturer. Please take proper care and make sure that you are not damaging it.

Step 2: The Magic Mix

Now take any bottle which can fit inside the tank as shown.

If possible fill the bottle with Distilled Water with any anti fungal disinfectant such as Lizol or Dettol (Popular brands in India). Carefully place this bottle inside the tank, with out disturbing the float mechanism.

Step 3: Result:

This will maintain the water head & discharge pressure will be retained.

But every time the flush is used the volume of water in the bottle will remain in the tank itself.

Total Volume of the Tank

L = 370 mm, B = 140mm, H =270mm.

L x B x H = 370 * 140 * 270 mm3 = 13,986,000 mm3 i.e., 13.9 Lit

Bottle Volume = 1 Lit.

In a average day a family of 4 uses wash room at least 15 times.

So, water saving in a year:


= 5475 Lit of water/year saved.

PS: Water Saved is Energy Saved. Hence Filling this idea under Energy.

Any comments suggestions please fell free to share.

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Thanks for your time. Happy DIYing.

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