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Introduction: Water Shooting Magic Wand

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DIY Water Shooting Wand

Despite the last Harry Potter movie coming out, it’s never too late to become magical! Today we will show you how to make a wand that shoots water!

Note: Most of the wands body is made from KaptinScarlets excellent Instructable- check it out!

Incantation: The Harry Potter spell for this wand is "Aguamenti"

Warning- These wands do not often last too long due to the inevitable nature of a paper wand body shooting water. If you would like a more permanent wand, maybe try carefully hacking open an old plastic wand (ex great wolf lodge wands) and running the tubing and syringe up that.

Step 1: Materials

Syringe- I got mine at Rite Aid, 50 cents (make sure to remove and dispose of the needle if it comes with one)
16+ inches of standard tubing (I’m not sure what size, just make sure it fits the syringe tip)
White Printer Paper
Electrical Tape/Duct Tape
Hot Glue
Black Spray paint/Acrylic Paint/Sharpie
Straws (optional)

Step 2: Basic Idea

Basic Idea: A syringe attached to tubing run up through the body of the wand. Body of wand is made out of paper with cardboard handle and tip, and duct tape and straw reinforcements. Pretty simple, but we will go into more detail in the following steps.
To use I just dip tip in water and pull back syringe and then press on syringe to release water at target.

Step 3: Rolling Wand Body

First take your syringe and roll the paper around it so the syringe fits snugly into the tube you have rolled from the paper. Tape.
You can roll from the corner for a longer wand if you would like, like in KaptinScarlets Instructable. It you don’t mind a shorter wand you can use cardboard (paper towel rolls) instead.

Cut the bottom of the tube so that it is flat, if you rolled from a corner.

Step 4: Attaching Tubing to Wand

Attach the syringe to the tubing and insert it into the wand tube. Some tubing should stick out the tip of the wand. Tape syringe to tube.

Step 5: Reinforcing

Shove straws down the tip of wand (around the tubing) to reinforce if you would like. Then roll up cardboard and tape it onto the end of tube. This is also optional, but recommended. I also like to make a cardboard handle as well. Do not do this if you are painting only. It won’t look good.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Tape tube at tip of wand to wand and cut off excess. Remember that you are going to have to dip this end into water to reload wand so leave some tubing at the end if you want. At this point I like to tape up the rest of the wand, especially the tip with electrical tape and then hot glue wand designs on the body of the wand. See first page photo for a pic of my finished wand.

Step 7: Do Some Magic!

Now head out there and start squirting! Revisit step 2 (basic idea) for instructions on how to use.

If you want to make your wand shoot water further, you can take a smaller piece of tubing or hollow plastic cylinder (for example a cut bit of a WD40 straw) and stick it in the tubing at the wands tip and hot glue it into place. This does make is shoot further, but also makes it more vunerable to leaks so beware.

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    3 years ago

    Absolutely amazing! Best idea ever! I was thinking you would be using one of those instant bike wheel pump up things that are pressurised but this is even better!


    8 years ago on Step 7

    Fantastic! You are great with coming up with these designs!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    how do you figure out how to make all this stuff?