Water Wall - Fogger



I made water wall from a fogger for agriculture/gardening.

It lowers air temperature, cleanses air from dust.

Great for hot weather when there is no air conditioning.

Only outside use!


Step 1: What You Need

You need:

connection to the tap (pic.1,2)- compatible with your water pipe (my is 4 mm, internal dimension, pic. 5)

tee (pic. 3)

water fogger (pic.4) important with low water consumption - nice mist, low water use

zip (pic. 6)

scisors, knife, optional some tape

Step 2: Bulit

Hang the water pipe about 2 m above the ground- under the balcony, pergola, sun umbrella etc.

My option is a link/tape with zip.

Using tees install a fogger at intervals of about 1 meter

Connect to a tap with water and do not forget to plug/cork one end of water pipe.


*Water fog is so delicate that you can not see it in the pictures, but it is.



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