Water and Stain Resistant Book Cover for Under Five Dollars




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I am an avid book reader, and also enjoy having a snack while reading.  As one thing leads to another, food and drink gets on my books, and can ruin the book or book cover. 

I also make lots of things from duct tape.  So I found a solution to my problem through duct tape. 

Literally all you need is:
A roll of Duct tape (I used several different types for some good color, but you can find a roll for a dollar.)
A book to make a cover for
A knife or something relatively sharp (AND SAFE)

Since you are using a knife, if you are under 18 ask your parents before using a knife.

Step 1: Mesure the Length of the Book

Take a piece of tape and put it around the top of the cover.  Be sure to count in the inside flaps.  This piece will bu used as a guide for the rest of the strips of duct tape.

Step 2: Add the Other Strips

These strips have to measure the whole length of the book both ways.  The number of strips will depend on the size of the book and the spacing of the strips.

Step 3: Reinforce and Make It Not Stick to the Book.

Make Sure to lay these next strips the opposite way that you laid the others.  This Reinforces it.  I added a crisscross at the spine to make it stronger at that point.  It's not necessary, but it helps if you read the book a lot.

Step 4: Cut the Edges

Cut off where there is any still sticky parts left over.  It should be in a straight line.  Chances are you'll have to clean up the cut to make it straighter, or to get small bits of dangling duct tape that you missed, off.  Then flip over the sheet of Duct tape and do the same cuts for the last two sides.

Step 5: Mesure Again

Check to see If your sheet of duct tape is the correct size.  If it is too big, mark it, and cut it again until you get the right size.  If you cut to much off, add some more strips and cut.

Step 6: Test It!

Your book will now be free of all direct stains, Yay!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Its made out of tape. It doesn't have to be Gorilla tape. And last time I checked, tape is an adhesive.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is really useful i wouldnt of thought of that lol (this is nick btw)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    In Step 1, did you actually tape that strip to the book, just to measure it? If you did, that is horrible - you could have used so many other means to measure the length needed without destroying the natural cover of the book!

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    No I didn't. I made sure to put another piece of duct tape under it so it wouldn't damage the book. I really enjoy that book and wouldn't want to hurt it.