Water-balloon Tap From Reused Materials


Introduction: Water-balloon Tap From Reused Materials

This 2-step instructable was made simply from materials lying around at home! It is a great way to fill up water-bombs more efficiently, without any costs involved! It is suited for multiple people, as it is hard to fill up multiple water-balloons at a time with 1 set of hands!


- A balloon

- Some straws (as many as you wish)

- A pair of scissors

Step 1: Cut Holes in the Balloon

Cut small holes in the balloon where you wish to place the straws.

Step 2: Place Straws in Balloons

Place the straws in the holes

Step 3: Attach to Tap/hose and Enjoy!

Attach to the tap or hose, turn it on and fill the water balloons! I recommend tying an elastic or two to the tap to avoid it falling off!



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