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Introduction: Water Bottle - Drinking Bowl

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A simple solution to walking the dogs in an area with no water points.Basically two soda bottles one cut,in half lengthways.It then clips over the other.I sewed up a simple carrier and hey presto the dogs get that much needed drink of water on their walk.
So all you need is two,2 litre bottles a cutter knife,some webbing,a quick release buckle a sewing machine and about 20 minutes.This is my first post here so lets hope i get all the steps down.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

all you need is two,2 litre bottles a cutter knife,some webbing,a quick release buckle a sewing machine and about 20 minutes.

Step 2: Cutting the Bowl

Cut the two litre bottle lengthways,about midpoint.You'll have to cut out the screw top at the neck so that it can fit over the other bottle.The bottom of the bottle has a hard bit,just trim around it,it will still clip over the other bottle.

Step 3: Bottle Carrier

Basically a bottle holster,I attached a Quick release adjustable buckle in the shoulder strap.

Step 4: Walking the Dog

The easy part fill the bottle,walk the dog and when it's thirsty rehydrate and admire your handiwork.



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    Very cute! Pretty creative and resourceful

    cheap and easy. makes pouring water back into dog bottle a snap.

    1 reply

    @ve2fd I can't visualize your description. Any chance you could illustrate it?

    Just what I needed. Thank you!

    i was going to make this for my dog. but all things must come to an end, she has a rare case of cancer with no cure. R.I.P sasha

    instead of cutting the bottle in half you could just cut off the bottom and use that for your bowl. It should just slip over the bottom of the intact bottle. I have small dogs so this will work well for me. Thanks for the great instructible.

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    That's true, though if your dog's tongue is the size of the whole bottom, nothing left than this one.

     i did this with a juice bottle with the bottom cut off

    Thank you for a great idea! It is especially relevant in the hot weather as dogs tend to dehydrate very fast. Keep up the good work. Pachinko

    Thank you, I will try it with a smaller bottle for my little dog. Brilliant!

    yes thanks but i cut a 1L bottle 3 halfways and it turned into a double dish!! _ 4

    very clever, and thank you for thinking about our furry buddies.

    thanks for this ible! my dog in winter was thirsty. The daft mutt walked onto a icy pond , scraped a hole and drank her fill. Until the ice broke. Thankfully it wasn't very deep and she waded back, soggy and cold.

    Woww. I have been faced with this dilemma multiple times, yet never even thought of doing this. My puppy thanks you