Water Bottle "Magic" Trick

A great "magic" trick to show small kids or a fun way to kill time. Make steam come out of a water bottle without heating it. A simple pressure experiment that is very entertaining.

Step 1: Safety Warnings

1) Make sure you have safety glasses
2) Have a parent/guardian present
3) Do it in an open space
4) Point the bottle away from your body and your face

Step 2: Bottle Preperation

1) Get a softer water bottle. ( poland spring, or nestle pure life)
2) Keep about an inch or two of water in the bottle

Step 3: Twist

Twist the bottle at the center so no water can leak through to the top. There should be a good amount of pressure in both sections of the bottle. You should twist the bottle at least 720 degrees.

Step 4: Spin the Cap a Little

Point the cap of the bottle away from you and quickly release the cover. If you twist the cap too slow then the steam will not rise from the bottle. You need all the pressure to be released at once, not over time. When you twist off the cap correctly, it will shoot out. This is why you point it away from you and others. This is also a good reason to wear glasses. The best way to twist the cap off quickly enough is to hold the bottle itself with you left hand, then with your right hand, hold the top of the bottle. Use your thumb to apply pressure to the start of where the cap can twist. When you use enough force the cap will pop off.

Step 5: Watch the Steam

After the cap pops off, hold the bottle upright and slowly squeeze the top section. This should start to make the steam slowly pour out.



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    6 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah I losen the cap and stimp on it .I got to where it sounds like a gun shoot,but no steam comes out and you blow into the bootle and do it again!!

    mr. clean

    8 years ago on Introduction

    you actually dont need any water in the bottle, the water vapor in the air is plenty and the steam is caused by the rapid decompression of and rapid cooling of the air.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    we had a kid shoot off one of these during a test in 8th grade. He did it again in the hallway and everyone hit the floor because they thought it was a gun shot.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great experiment! I would just really watch out for where you're pointing it when you twist of that cap. haha