Water Cannon Arduino Robot IR

Introduction: Water Cannon Arduino Robot IR

Water cannon arduino robot

Step 1:

Arduino Uno R2

Arduino Motorshield

Water pump

flexible tube

6 x AA NiMh batteries

Battery box for 2 AA

Battery box for 4 AA

Servo 9g x 2

2WD Robot Chassis

Relay 5V

IR Remote

IR Recivier


Step 2:



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    18 Discussions

    Can you send me the circuit connection with full explanation and program code??

    I have a digital electronics class that I teach and I would love to get the schematic and code for this project. They are going to attempt this alone, but it would be great if we had a working model to go from. Thanks in advance!!


    Anyone have any idea what he used or what could be used for the water tank?

    can you send the schematic and code to me?


    Can you send the code to


    can u send the code to my


    where is the code? can you post the things that are needed to do to make this project? thanks

    can u send the code to my


    can u send the code to my


    can someone post coding somewhere? we are doing a project similar to this but have hit a bit of a speed bump, any help would be appreaciated

    can u send the code to my


    where did you buy your water pump from i am trying to make a similar project