Water Fountain With Sound and Light System(Letourneau EPM Project)

Introduction: Water Fountain With Sound and Light System(Letourneau EPM Project)

Hello, my name is Namkyoung Lee.

Our team made a water fountain with sound and light system.

It is a part of LeTourneau university EPM lab project.

This water fountain is powered by self contained battery and has 2 arduino unos; one is for the light system and the other for the water system.

This device has 2 switches to control water system and light system.

The water system is equipped on the top. When switch for the water switch is closed, the pump located on the bottom of the body push water to the top. Then, the water is sent to 4 nozzles which are rotating simultaneously. The water falls making a spiral.
The rotating part is controlled by servo with speaker's potentiometer.

The light system corresponds to the sounds which is plugged in by AUX-IN input. The team used "16 point fft function" to make a VU meter. This function transforms 16 points time values to 8 points frequency values. The 12 column led strip in the middle displays the 6 frequency values at the front and the back.

The team also put 4 UV leds in each corner of the body. These leds work when the led strips are off showing secret sign in the middle of the body drawn by the fluorescent paint.

Demo video


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