Water Resistant Cardboard Camera Holster

Introduction: Water Resistant Cardboard Camera Holster

This is an entry for the Gorilla glue comp. It's basically a holster for my Nikon S550. You can make this for any point and shoot camera fairly easily.

This is what you'll need:

1 - a piece of cardboard. enough to do the job.
1 - emptied, cleaned, dried milk bag, or freezer bag. any kind of small, leak proof bag.
1 - a roll of Gorilla Tape
1 - short length of Hemp string (or whatever else string)
1 - hot glue gun/stick
2 - business card/thin thin thin cardboard
1 - piece of scrap clothing. eg. old t-shirt
1 - nail

scissors, exacto

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Step 1: Mark Your Measurements and Work Some Folds In..

I simply placed the camera on the cardboard and started folding to find the best arrangement. Once I decided on what pieces of the cardboard would become what I traced around the camera on the cardboard and made minor adjustments on the fly.

Each time I had to work a fold in, I put the board in the vice at the appropriate angle and began working the cardboard so that it folded more naturally in the position I desire.

Step 2: More Measurements and Then Cutting.

1. With your base measurements done, begin tracing out the other folds to be.

2. When you're satisfied, begin cutting.

Step 3: Start Folding.

1. Fold the bottom flap up.

2. Put your camera in it's intended position and fold one of the side tabs over onto the in-place bottom flap. Once you've got a firm grip on the placement, remove the camera and apply some hot glue between the flaps, maintaining their positions.

3. After a few seconds, fold over the remaining side flap and hot glue it down as well.

Step 4: Waterproofing.

1. Take your milk bag.

2. Slide your cardboard box into the bag and mark the depth you need. Cut the bag to depth.

3. Fold the bag over and tack it in place with a piece of Gorilla tape.

4. Begin wrapping the box with the milk bag layered in the middle. Make sure to close up the bottom and any cracks.

5. Slide the remaining milk bag on your top flap. Begin folding, begin taping.

Step 5: Making the Latch.

1. Take the nail and lay it on the top of the case, with the head poking out the bottom maybe 4mm.

2. Tap that sucker in place.

3. Take your string/rope and affix an end to the underside of your top flap.

4. Wrap the string around the nail head and run the line up to the opposite underside of the top flap. Cut. Tape.

5. At the apex of your rope loop, put a small strip of tape, and hot glue if you like.

6. With hot glue, affix a small piece of hemp rope at edge of the small strip of tape.

7. Once the little string is secure, wrap it in tape too.

-- the purpose of the little string is, I found it hard to unlatch the rope from the head of the nail. So by adding this little pull string it became 1000% easier.

Step 6: Make the Belt Clip.

1. Cut a piece of cardboard to size.

2. Bend, leaving an inch to secure the clip to the case.

3. Tape it down.

4. Make a small bend at the edge of the taped edge to allow room for a belt to pass through.

5. I made tiny strips of Gorilla tape and taped that joint up.

6. Run around full size strip of tape around the piece after the little bend.

7. Tape the remaining bottom edge to the case. You should have ample room to pass your belt through. .. provided you accounted for the size of your belt.

Step 7: Making the Inside.

In retrospect this could've been done at the folding phase, but I didn't realize I should do it until I'd taken the camera in and out a couple times to find streaks on the little screen. Boourns.

1. Take your business card, glue a scrap piece of cloth to it making sure to cover it's entire area.

2. Trim off the edges.

3. Pour glue on the back of the card, insert it into the box, press and hold firmly. Careful, es hot. Make one for each side of the inside, just in the event you put your camera in backwards.

You're pretty much done.

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