Water Saving Tip, a Gallon a Shower!




Introduction: Water Saving Tip, a Gallon a Shower!

This is a tip that you can use every shower you take just by getting water from your shower as it heats. about a gallon a day. BTW this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Collect Materials and Get the Water.

For this project you will need: A shower (Duh), and a container of some sort milk jugs are best (don't used what i used in the photo below). And simply hold the container while your shower heats up and voila! you just saved about a gallon of water! this tip is especially useful if you are currently living in the southeast the the drought and what not. You can use this water to water plants, you can purify it somehow and use it for drinking water, the possibilities are endless!



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    A simple use for the reclaimed water is to dump it in you washer for your next cold water wash.

    Wonderfully simple idea! I take navy showers and it was getting pretty rough in the winter. I was doing all sort of crazy mental preparing, but now I don't have to temperature shock my body :)

    oh, ok! :-). The water that comes from your shower is drinkable (if your shower spicket is not crap loaded, and gose), it is simply just water you'd get from anything in your house (some ppl think, toilet,shower, and hose water, is some non drinkable water...LOL seriously tho!) So you could drink it, but eh, i would probably just put it in a water purifier first tho.

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    It aint great though as there's sediment and all from the boiler system, the cold water that comes out first has been through by the way... Also I am living beside in a building site at the moment as the development isn't finished and the brazing flux stuff used on the copper pipes in the hot water and radiator systems says on it 'not suitable for potable water' (potable means you can drink it) therefore I suggest sticking to watering your plants with it because your water filter would get clogged pretty quick if there was much sediment and copper pipe junk in it. However I lived in a house that had lead pipes for ten years until we had that fixed (the mains pipe going in still lead...) and I report no bad side effects and the water tastes good when it's deadly

    that's because INTACT lead pipes make a scale thjat isnt impervious..but makes the water flowing past have very little lead content. some ions....sure,but not lead in solution to much degree after alot of years have passed

    lead pipes?! in which country do you live in? Tap water anywhere in the house will be drinkable, it would only be a little bit more "hard" if coming from the boiler. Although, I was told when living in the UK that boilers could be linked to open roof tanks and therefore rats sometimes got into the tanks! Yerk....

    nope I live in belfast northern ireland and have never visited america which probably makes the jackalope thing wierd but it started as an XBL gamertag that my mum's ex boyfriend stole when they broke up (credit cards etc) you said panhandle...

    hot water ISNT all that great to drink,the scaling that comes from the water heater is dag nasty,get some hot water....let it cool and DRINK it. compared to cold tap..bleagch

    I think this is the most useful one-step Instructable I have ever read. Congrats :)

    Very good instructable for someone not quite ready to start showering navy style.

    I personally use the navy shower
    Although i have kind of stopped during winter ( its a bit to cold)
    I'm sure yours would be a lot more efficient though

    Very useful instructable.

    When I was making the military service (1967) I had opportunity to take a bath with a liter and half of water, and it was enough knowing it to use.