Introduction: Waterbox

Step By Step Waterbox Tutorial

Step 1:

Step 2: Gathering Materials

The first thing you need to do if your considering building a waterbox is gathering all the materials needed. You will need

-IBC container

-Sawyer point one filter system

-Wooden Pallet

-Assorted Materials (hinges, bolts, etc)

Step 3: Prepare Your Materials

-Clean out the IBC so it is food grade and you are able to use it

-Attach your sawyer one point filter system to your container/IBC

-Make sure all your materials are working and ready to use

Step 4: Water Tests

-Before you actually use your water system here are some water tests you should do first to make sure the water is safe to drink

-Nitrate test

-PH test

-Turbidity test

Step 5: Choosing the Right Container

-Things to think about when choosing which container you want to use

-Choose the right container depending on the use you have in mind for it. If your going to have it supply a lot of water your going to want a bigger container like the IBC.

-If you have something else in mind and are using it for a smaller project you could use a smaller container like the blue one shown.

Step 6: Connect All Materials

-You first need to connect the water filter system to your IBC/container

-Make sure the water comes out nice and clean

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