Watercolor Hip Hip Hooray 4th of July Card

Introduction: Watercolor Hip Hip Hooray 4th of July Card

A new week begins and I am so happy to have you join me on Maker Moments! I just can’t seem to get enough of the 4th of July theme so today I made a really easy card. I love to watercolor so I thought I'd showcase it here.

I use mixed media paper whenever I watercolor. Watercolor paper is nice but it has tiny little pockets and grooves. They can be great for certain projects but if I want to write on the paper, I like it smooth. There really is no right or wrong way to do “random” water-coloring. My watercolor brush, as shown in the pic, is one of my favorite tools. If you get too much paint on your page, just squeeze the watercolor brush just a tad and the water dilutes it.

Here are Spellbinders supplies needed:
PZ-100 Spellbinders® Prizm™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine OR

PL-001 Spellbinders® Platinum™ Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

S4-575 Hip Hip Hooray

SDS-009 Happy Times Stamp and Die Set

Other supplies needed are: 140 lb. mixed media paper; Painter’s Plastic Pallet; Red and Blue water-based ink pads (optional for watercoloring); Red and Blue watercolor tubes; Red-Glittered Foam Felt; Sequins; Stiff Brush; Watercolor brush; White Cardstock

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Step 1:

If you are using red and blue paint from tubes, squeeze out a tiny little bit of each into the plastic pallet. If you have red and blue ink, work from their lid as a base. I started by dipping just a bit of my watered brush into the red paint (or red ink) and randomly brushing it onto my card base. I then cleaned it by wiping it off with water (squeeze out excess) on a separate sheet of paper. Then continue with the blue paint or ink. It is not necessary to fill in all the color in a specific area on your card unless that is the look you want to achieve.

Step 2:

When dry, I dipped a wet, stiff brush into a bit of the blue paint and flicked it across the card.

Step 3:

Next, I inked up the Hip-Hip sentiment from my Happy Times set and stamped it onto the card.

Step 4:

Die-cut the hooray sentiment from the Hip Hip Hooray set in white cardstock and red-glittered foam felt. Adhere the glittered sentiment to the card base.

Step 5:

Then attach the white hooray sentiment die cut on top of and slightly off-center of red-glittered sentiment for a shadow effect. Adhere sequins to card in a random fashion.

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    3 years ago

    Nice job! This is so creative!