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Introduction: Watercolor Photo Manipulation

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Today we gonna make imitation of watercolor painting in Adobe Photoshop using custom brushes! :)

What we need:

- Adobe Photoshop

- Free sampler of watercolor brushes:

Sampler of "150 watercoor brushes" set

- Any photo

(You can find public domain photos here: http://unsplash.com/; http://www.gratisography.com/; http://pixabay.com/)

I choose this one: Photo

So, let's start!

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Step 1: Create New Document.

Create new document in Photoshop (1920x1280 px; 300 dpi)

Step 2: Placing Image

Place your image in the new document (File-Place) and resize it to borders.

Step 3: Gaussian Blur

Go to filter-blur-gaussian blur and set volume to 1.5

Step 4: Smart Blur

Go to filter-blur-smart blur and set next volumes: radius: 55; treshold: 20; quality: high

Step 5: Reduce Noise

Go to filter-noise-reduce noise and set next values: Strength: 5; Preverse details: 60%; Reduce color noise: 45; Sharpen details: 25%

Step 6: Accented Edges

Go to filter-filter gallery-brush strokes-accented edges and set next values: Edge width: 5; Edge brightness: 25; Smoothness: 5

Step 7: Texture

Go to filter-filter gallery-texture-texturizer and set next values: texture: canvas; scaling: 50%; relief: 2.

Step 8: New Layer for Brush Strokes

Download brush sampler, click on eye icon near main layer and add new layer under it.

Step 9: Painting Brush Strokes

Install brush sampler and paint some brush strokes.

(If you don't know how to install brushes, here you can see nice tutorial: http://myphotoshopbrushes.com/install_brushes/ )

Step 10: Creating Clipping Mask.

Now make your main layer visible, after this right click on layer and select "Create clipping mask"

Step 11: Brightness/Contrast Correction

Go to layer - new adjusment layer - Brightness/Contrast and set next volumes: Brightness: 45; Contrast: 100.

Step 12: Final

So, our image is ready! I make few more examples you can see it here! :)

If you like watercolor brushes, you can buy full set (with 150 brushes) here: 150 Handcrafted Watercolor Brushes

About me:

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instructable! This is a cool quick effect that has a great outcome!