Watering System



Introduction: Watering System

In this instructables I will show you how to make fully automated watering system. It only takes a few hours to make. For mine i used a little more than 10 hours and it was completed and worked properly. Entire project is very cheap to make, many components you might even have laying around the house, for mine watering system I used around 10$.

Step 1: PARTS

As I told at the beginning everything is very cheap and easy accessible. I pasted list of parts needed for the build with international purchasing links below:

Circuit board
Arduino nano
Female pins
Fuse holder
Phone charger

You will also need:

-M3 nuts (2)
-M3 x 8 screw (2)
-M3 x 20 screw (4)
-M3 washer (4)
-M3 x 8 stand offs (2)

-soldering iron

Step 2: Assembly

Step by step assembly and parts are in the pictures. Wiring and PCB schematics are available for download.

Step 3: CODE

I wrote program in Adruino IDE. But play with the code around because my code is written to water garden slowly all night.


Housing is made from two parts. First part is waterproff and hods up all of the electronics. I designed a small box in SolidWorks and later made it using 3D printer. To fix electronics in place use screws or hot glue. Also you have to drill few 3mm hols for cables and later fill them with hot glue as shown in pictures. Second part is plastic box that fits smaller 3D printed box and electromagnetic valve. It is recommended to be waterproof as well. I used transparent box because I don't have to drill additional hole for photoresistor for light to shine on him.

Step 5: Conclusion

This was very fun and useful project. It does not take much time to make. Over all it was a great experience and i will make more projects in the future.

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