Watering Hanging Plants Easily!!

Introduction: Watering Hanging Plants Easily!!

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Hi there this is my first tutorial. In this instructable i will show you how to make a simple watering device to water ur hanging plants. If you want to skip to the final product view the video in the last step.

Material Needed:

  1. Submersible DC pump.
  2. DC power socket for adapter.
  3. Push to On Switch (Toggle Type).
  4. Sheet Metal.
  5. Scissors.
  6. DC 12v 1.2AMP Lead Acid Battery.
  7. Fish tank Tube.
  8. Any 1litre or 2litre bottle.
  9. Cable Ties.
  10. Double Sided Tape.

To start of the pump is turned on by the toggle switch which need to pressed to toggle between two states (ON and OFF). The water is sent to the tube to the other setup, where it consists of a long wooden strip with which u can reach the hanging plants and place the tube so that the water can be run till the required amount is poured!

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Step 1: Getting Started: Preparing the Body

Firstly get the 1litre or 2litre bottle empty and use a knife to carefully cut the bottles top end as shown in the diagram. It can be dangerous so get some help from your parents for all the kids. Once this is done u need 3 holes in the bottle top end.

  • For the water carrying pipe.
  • For the charger socket fitting.
  • For the Switch

The diagram illustrates the various holes and then u can begin with the wiring of the motor and the charger socket

Step 2: The Wiring

Here is the wiring that u need to give to the circuit. The following diagrams represent

Diagram 1:

The two wires from the battery are connected as one end goes directly to the battery and the other end to one end of the switch.

Diagram 2:

The second diagram shows and alternative method of charging. Here the chargers wires are directly given to the battery (here red is +ve and white is -ve).

Diagram 3:

The third diagram shows the connection of the socket to the battery with the adapter inserted. You may choose whatever method u like.

Diagram 4:

The final diagram shows the whole circuit. With the motor and the charger connected to the battery, Which will be convenient for charging.

Connect up the wires for a test run and disconnect them as you may wanna solder them after inserting them into the bottle.

Step 3: Making the Arm Setup

  • The arm is made by first cutting the sheet metal as shown.
  • The shape is cut out using scissor you can also use a sheet metal cutter.
  • The piece is mounted on to the wooden beading using cable ties.
  • The double side tape is applied and the tube is fitted.
  • The tape is used to cover the apparatus.
  • The final image shows how the arm will look!

The advantage of this arm is that all the user needs to do is fit the hook like sheet metal on the pots outer edge and it will hang on the pot and the water will continue to fill till the watering is done and then we move on to the next plant. The amount of plants that can be watered is dependent only on the size of the container and you have good battery life because of the lead acid battery. Which can also be charged when not in use.

Step 4: Working Model

This is the final product of this instructable the video shows the setup used to water a hanging plant enjoy :)

That's it for now. Please provide your useful opinions for this instructable and provide a vote if u like this. Thanks for viewing. :)

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