Waterless Snow Globe With Recycled Keurig Cups




Introduction: Waterless Snow Globe With Recycled Keurig Cups


These instructions will teach you how to make a waterless snowman snow globe. This craft is perfect for DIY crafters, and others who find enjoyment in creating a unique craft, while being environmentally friendly. The following instructions will provide you with step-by-step direction to achieving this fun snow globe. We hope you enjoy making this project as much as we did!

Technical Ability - Beginner/Intermediate

Approximate Completion Time - 45 minutes

Information to Read before Starting Project:
Clean Up Tips: Keep paper towels handy for wiping hands. Use an old sheet or old tablecloth to protect your surfaces.

Note: Hot glue and super glue produce the best results. Rubber cement and Elmer’s glue are not strong enough, and are not recommended.

SAFETY WARNING: Carefully read the warnings on all glues and adhesives before using them. Fumes from glue can be dangerous if inhaled. Apply glue in a well ventilated area! Strong adhesives can damage skin. Avoid glue to skin contact as much as possible. Keep acetone or nail polish remover nearby when using strong glue. Use caution using cutting tools. A first aid kit near the workspace is advised.

Also, be sure to avoid contact with skin and the hot glue gun. Contact can cause hot sensations that can result in burns if not attended to immediately.

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Step 1: Materials

Estimated Cost - $15.00

**This price is an approximation and varies from store to store.

Project Materials

  • 4 Keurig cups (Emptied of content grounds) - Using K-cups that have been used is fine. For best results, clean the K-cups as soon as you have used them. Dried grounds after use are hard to remove from cup.
  • 1 32 oz. Mason jar - Consumer store or grocery store such as Target
  • 2 Black pipe cleaners
  • 2 Googley eyes
  • 1 Sharpie or black marker
  • Approximately ¼ cup of fake Snow, depending on personal preference - Originally found online on Amazon.com, but it can be found in craft stores during the holiday season.
  • Glitter spray
  • Fake trees or bushes - Originally bought at a craft store, but can be found online such as Amazon.com.
  • Cardboard pieces, at least ¼ inch thick (not pictured)
  • Mini pom poms (orange) - Craft store
  • 1 Piece of white glitter felt fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Timer (not pictured)
  • Wire Cutters (if necessary)
  • Scissors
  • Knife with sharp blade
  • Hot glue gun and at least two hot glue sticks
  • Super glue, with a back-up available

Cleaning Supplies:

  • Paper towels
  • Trash Bags
  • Hand Broom and Dust Pan

Step 2: Preparing Materials

These next set of steps will take you through frosting the snowman and trees, constructing the snow globe base, and making the snowman. Videos and pictures are available for extra support of written steps.

Mason Jar and Trees

  1. Using the Glitter Blast Spray, apply glitter spray to the trees. The amount of spray is based on personal taste (see picture below).
  2. Using the glitter blast spray, spray the top inside of mason jar (see picture below).

Snow Base
Attention: Make sure you don't glue your jar lid to the table top!

  1. Cut felt using the lid of the mason jar.
    • Note: Felt needs to be smaller than the rim so the lid can still screw on.
  2. Glue and Attach Base to Lid using super glue. Please see video below for further assistance.
    • Note: Allow several minutes to dry since you’ll need to invert this later!
  3. Using one of the Keurig cups, measure 2 cupfuls of snow (see picture below).
    • Note: Make sure cups are clear of contents.
    • Optional: More can be used, but too much will bury the snowman.
  4. Pour snow into bottom of mason jar.
  5. Cut 4 cardboard circles no more than 2 ½ inches in diameter.
  6. Glue cardboard circles together.
  7. Glue cardboard circles to base (see picture below).
    • Note: Push the circles down to secure them. Again, make sure your lid isn’t stuck to the table.

  8. Glue felt to top of cardboard (see picture below).


  1. Label Keurig Cups with numbers 1-3 (see picture below)
  2. Color the unnumbered Keurig Cup Black (for the hat) with a Sharpie.
    • Note: You can use other materials to accomplish this step. Spray painting is one example of this.
  3. Place Googley eyes, midway, on Keurig Cup 3.
    • Note: This is done in order to ensure they can be seen, and the hat won’t cover them.
  4. Gently, cut a little space for nose using a knife with a sharp blade. This ensures the nose will stick to the surface better (see picture below).
  5. Using the an orange pom pom, add nose using the glue gun.
  6. Add mouth using Sharpie.
  7. Add glue to the inside of the hat, and place two cotton balls inside (see video below).
    • Note: The cotton balls will raise up the hat.
  8. Add glue to the cotton balls (now on the inside of the hat) and place hat on top of snowman (see video below).
    • Note: The hat should be placed at an angle and not straight on the snowman’s head.
  9. Measure a piper cleaner to approximately 6 inches, and cut it.
  10. Using the Keurig cup 2, mold piper cleaner in the shape of horseshoe to resemble arms. See video below for additional assistance.
  11. Add arms to the top of Keurig cup 2, and then glue Keurig cup 3 stacked on top of Keurig cup 2. For additional assistance, see video above.
  12. Glue Keurig cup 1 to Keurig cup 2
  13. Measure an 8 inch piece of ribbon
  14. Glue the ribbon to the rim of cup 3, and add scarf by forming into a criss-cross pattern (see video below).

Step 3: Assembly

  1. Glue Snowman to Snowman Base. The glue should go around the rim of Keurig cup 1 (see picture below).
  2. Glue bushes/tree using around snowman, leaving enough room for the jar to fit in the rim of the mason jar (see picture below).
  3. Wait at least 2 minutes before moving onto the next step.
  4. Inverting the snowman and base, hold the bottom of the base and insert it into the mason jar. Screw the mason jar and base together (see video below).

Step 4: Conclusion

Congratulations! You have just completed the best waterless snowglobe! This snowglobe is perfect as a home decoration during the holiday months or as a gift for a special someone. You can also change the design to meet your personal preferences. You could incorporate the snow globe for a different season, just simply change the snowman to something of your desire. Thank you for reading and enjoy your new beautiful creation!

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