Watermelon Ice Cream Parfait




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Watermelon Ice cream parfait is layers of chocolate syrup, ice cream, watermelon cubes and mixed nuts. It is delicious and eye pleasing dessert.

Step 1: Ingredients for Watermelon Ice Cream

2 Cup of watermelon

60 gram Dessert topping mix

1/4 cup Cold milk

2 tsp Sugar

Step 2: Making of Watermelon Ice Cream

1. Cut watermelon into chunks and puree it in blender.

2. Take watermelon juice in mixing bowl, add all other ingredients and beat it using electric hand mixer until it gets soft and stiff peaks

3. Cover the whipped mixture with aluminum foil and freeze it overnight.

4. Watermelon Ice cream is ready.

Step 3: Ingredients for Watermelon Parfait

2 cup of Watermelon Ice cream

1/4 cup of chopped watermelon

Chocolate syrup

Mixed nuts

2 Dessert glass

Step 4: Layer All the Ingredients

1. Squeeze about 1 tbsp of chocolate syrup at the bottom of each dessert glass.

2. Top each with 1/2 cup of watermelon ice cream.

3. Top with some fresh waretmelon pieces in each glass.

4. Top each with 1/2 cup of watermelon ice cream.

5. Garnish with mixed nuts and additional chocolate syrup.

Step 5: Enjoy



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    3 years ago

    Mm yummy!! THANKS! ;D


    4 years ago

    I loved it!