Watermelon Punch




For the Hot Sunny Summer day pleasure! You will love it! Super simple and refreshing

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Step 1: You Need

Watermelon (please be seedless)

Ginger ale (diet no problem) or any fizz drink

Starberries, Black berries, (frozen or fresh)

A bowl and a masher

Its that simple

For Proportions I would say half of mashed fruits and half of ginger ale, they tasted great!

Step 2: Chop Mash Mix Indulge

Chop the fruits finely and mash or food process berries for a bigger batch just until they break and hand mash the watermelon. I'm trying to keep the watermelon as crunchy as possible, do not smooth it out. Half of the fruits and half of ginger ale, fill up the glass!

That's it you are done!

Enjoy rest of the summer, definitely try some and let me know was it worth it! :)


*Refrigerate mashed up fruits and ginger ale, when you are about to drink mix them if you don't want the fizz to escape!
*Sprite is another tasty option

*Try it with apple cider

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    Street-Wise Irish

    4 years ago

    I now have a craving for watermelon and ginger ale