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Introduction: Watermelon Sorbet Bombe

Bombe is a dessert made of different layers of ice cream or sorbet. So here I am presenting a watermelon Bombe. It looks just like a watermelon. I love the contrast in colors. I am sure this will be a huge hit for a party or a celebration. Reveal the bombe as a surprise and you can surely get your guests go Wooow! While cutting a wedge out of the bombe you can reveal the treasure inside.

It is simple and an stunning summer dessert . I have made the layers with vanilla ice cream and watermelon-lemon sorbet.

I have done the watermelon sorbet bombe without a plastic wrap. To get a perfect dome shape I have presented here another technique.

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Step 1: Ingredients

Watermelon Sorbet Bombe

Vanilla Ice Cream - 2 Cup

Food colors - Apple Green, Red (1 drop)

Watermelon Sorbet - 1 cup

Chocolate Chips - 1/4 Cup

How to make Watermelon Sorbet?
Water - 1/2 Cup

Sugar - 1/2 Cup

Honey - 1 Tsp

Watermelon Juice - 1 Cup

Lemon Juice - 1 Tbsp



Mixer/Food Processor

Step 2: Watermelon Sorbet

Peel the watermelon. Remove the seeds. Slice them into small chunks.

With a hand blender, blend the watermelon.

Strain it to remove any fiber present.


To get a darker shade of watermelon flesh while making the bombe, I added a pinch of Red edible food color. This is just for the appearance. It is completely optional.
The bombe will look good even without the food color. It will be of slightly pink and lighter shade.

Step 3: Lemon Juice

Slice the lemon. Remove the seeds.

With the help of a lemon squeezer get the lemon juice.

Step 4: Sugar Syrup

In a pan at medium heat, pour the measured amount of water. Add sugar and let it dissolve in the water.

When the sugar is dissolved let it cool.

We need to just dissolve the water. Do not over heat the sugar syrup till the brown color stage.

Step 5: Freeze

Add the cooled sugar syrup and lemon juice into the watermelon puree.

Combine them well.

Pour into an airtight container. Place it in the freezer for 4-5 hours or until almost set.

Step 6: Rake

When almost set rake it with a knife or spoon. Process it in a mixer or food processor till you get smooth, soft and icy texture.

Place the container back to the freezer and let it freeze again for 2-3 hours.

Repeat the same process 2-3 times.

Keep it in the freezer and take it out only when creating the bombe.

Step 7: Skin of the Watermelon

The green outer layer is created with Vanilla Ice cream with a pinch of green apple edible food color.

Since I am making the bombe with home made ice cream I added the pinch of green food color to it before setting the ice cream.

I transferred it into a air tight box and kept it in the freezer.


  • If using store bought vanilla ice cream add the food color in the later stage where I will be mentioning.
  • If you are lucky enough to get pistachio ice cream great! Use that.
  • Lime sherbet (But the color will be slightly pale. You can use green food color though.)

Step 8: Rind

This will form the rind of the water melon.

I am using the home made Ice cream. Store it in the freezer.


  • You can use the store bought one or home made Ice cream.
  • Another alternative is to use pineapple sherbet.

Step 9: Freeze - Creating the Bombe

Freeze the ice cream and the watermelon sorbet.

You can create the bombe two ways. One is with a plastic wrap or another one is without a plastic wrap.

Most of the recipes use plastic wrap. I will be showing how you can make the bombe without the plastic wrap. I feel smoother outer surface can be obtained without the wrap.

Take a deep bowl with almost a rounded bottom.

Step 10: Layer the Skin

Now take the green colored vanilla ice cream/ Pistachio Ice cream/ Lime Sherbet from the freezer.

With a hand mixer or beater soften it for 30 seconds. It should be still cold.

Now take the bowl in which you are setting the bombe.

With the help of a spoon line the sides and bottom of the bowl with the green ice cream.

Be really quick or by gravity the ice cream will start dripping down.

Place it back in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Let it freeze and be stiff.


If using the store bought vanilla Ice cream add pinch of green food color to it while softening it.

Step 11: Layer the Rind

Wait patiently. Keep checking the freezer if the green layer is done. If it is stiff then we shall move on to the next layer. If you hurry both the layers will mix together.

For the rind take the vanilla Ice cream or the alternatives mentioned from the freezer. Soften it with hand mixer or beater. With a spoon line the vanilla Ice cream above the green layer. Be quick so that we don't want both layers to melt and mix.

Place it back in the freezer for 1 hour.

Step 12: Layer the Watermelon Sorbet

After both the layers are stiff it is time to layer the watermelon sorbet.

Take out the prepared sorbet and mix in chocolate chips or chocolate pieces. The chocolate chips will look like the seed of the water melon.

Now place the sorbet at the center above the rind layer as shown.

Quickly place it back to the freezer for the final freezing for about 1 hour.

Step 13: Invert

Place a plate on top of the bowl. Invert the bowl with the plate at the bottom. Now place mildly warm towel on top of the bowl. After a minute the bombe will demold from the mold and will be on the plate below. I feel I have got a better dome shape without a plastic wrap.


If using a plastic wrap you don't have to use warm towel.

Invert on to the plate. Then just remove the plastic wrap.

Make a wedge from the bombe and serve immediately. Enjoy the water melon Sorbet bombe. Enjoy the colorful dessert.

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    5 years ago

    Looks awesome!! U should be really proud of yourself!!!:)?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you. I was Excited seeing the outcome :D


    5 years ago

    Mom does this the lazy way Lol . She just uses store bought lime, pineapple, and raspberry sherbet.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    The original recipe calls for those ingredients. I tried to incorporate the watermelon :D


    Reply 5 years ago

    Y'all must read the same magazine. This version tasting like watermelon is on our to do list. I emailed it to her last night and we both agree it sounds much better. I will note she leaves the "seeds" out because all the old people at family gatherings complained about almost chipping teeth after its been in the freezer all night. Looking forward to trying your recipe.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Yes. Do try it out :) A good frozen dessert!