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Make your own wallet out of recycled paper! It's completely waterproof and has a coin catching design. It doesn't matter if you spill juice or ketchup on your wallet, you could just simply wipe it and it all goes away! Glazed with a layer of "Clear Acrylic Laquer", the wallet can resist being torn.

If you had trouble finding a cheap and creative holiday gift or giveaway, this is the solution for your problem. It's also a great solution for panic buying! I made tons of these wallets and it barely cost me a penny. The slick and innovative design never ceases to the attract attention of friends. It may attract friends but may not attract snatchers! :D

10 Reasons - Why You Should Make This Wallet:
1st.) Anti-Theft (Less Attraction To Snatchers)
2nd.) Infinite skin designs (ex. Gift Wrapper, MTR Map, World Map, Brochure)
3rd.) Coin catching design (coins don't fall that easily)
4th.) Save the world - Recycle
5th.) Escape mainstream fashion
6th.) Slim Deign
7th.) Light Weight
8th.) Wipe And Clean
9th.) Blends in your office supplies (camo)
10th.) It doesn't tear, wilt or fray that easily (Waterproof)


Step 1: Gathering the Materials

- Clear Lacquer Spay Paint (for waterproofing)
- Yellow Pad Paper (your choice of design)
- Paper Bill (reference for your wallet's size)
- Multipurpose Glue (Elmer's Glue)
- Sharp Pair of Scissors
- 12 inch Rule

Step 2: Fold the Paper - "V Shaped Fold"

Get 2 pieces of yellow pad paper. First, fold it into half then fold the excess paper inwards. You will need two so do the same for the other paper. Use you bill as a reference of your wallet's size.

Step 3: Glue Both Papers

You'll need a long piece of paper to make your wallet, a single piece of yellow pad paper isn't enough. Simply glue them together to achieve the required length.

Step 4: Fold the Extended "V Folds"

Fold the extended "v shaped" papers in half. Then trim the excess using your sharp pair of shears.

Step 5: Glue Both Ends - Form a Loop/ Ring

Use your multipurpose glue to glue both ends together, this will form a loop/ ring. Then glue the lower end of your wallet (middle bill divider).

Step 6:

Use the excess paper for your pockets. Glue them in a "U shape", forming a pouch.

Step 7: Waterproofing the Wallet

Glaze your wallet with a can of "Clear Acrylic Lacquer". The non-gloss works better since the paper's distinct texture remains the same. Be sure to pay particular attention to the gaps, water could sip in if not sprayed properly.

Step 8: You're Done!

I can't wait to give these awesome gifts for Christmas! :D



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    18 Discussions

    Dark World

    3 years ago

    do we have to spray it randomly? , and i want to paint the wallet can i paint it? , if yes do i paint it at the start or end?


    3 years ago

    Please answer me.

    I'm just wondering if i sprayed a Clear Lacquer Spray Paint first before starting what would happen?

    thank you!


    4 years ago

    It'll be good for schools and offices because it won't get stollen and you can write your bus table on it.


    4 years ago on Step 7

    I'm surprised you don't waterproof the paper before ever cutting or folding for really good coverage…


    4 years ago

    Can u make a video about it and maybe post it on YouTube because I don't get the pictures


    this is awesome! I'm totally going to make one using a map. You should show a picture with water beading up on the surface of the wallet to show how water-proof it is.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If you <3 Hongkong then better make one out of a MTR map :D

    I'll probably post a video the next time I make a wallet. I gave all of them away for our school's Christmas party.


    5 years ago

    Awesoi! Thanks for sharing!

    Very awesome idea! Would it be possible to spray the paper and then fold the wallet, or would that make gluing and folding too hard?

    1 reply
    ASCASPenolopy Bulnick

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I experimented with the "spray first" but the PVA glue didn't stick very well. You can use a bottle of superglue if you wish to spray the wallet first. The super glue binds the sprayed paper very well!

    - Happy Holidays! :D