Waterproof Tough Ring Covered With Glue

About: Thank you instructables!!

this ring is made or covered with magical safe flux it is too tough and strong to wear made by pouring glue on it

Step 1: Good Qualities

the fact is that the magical flux do not harm the beauty of the ring but forms a transparent layer on it

Step 2: Collecting Material

take a pair of scissors

double sided tape


decorative pieces and................................... FEVICOL(or any liquid gum)!!!!!

Step 3: Assembling

take an elastic strip and staple its ends to form ring paste a double sided tape on it and .......................

Step 4: Decorating

paste the pieces on tape and form a good attractive ring paste some laces on elastic also!

Step 5: Checking

check if any piece is not at proper place and if not then make it right check if the ring is fully gorgeous!

Step 6: Magical Flux

pour the fevicol (you can use any liquid gum)on ring and cover hole ring keep it undisturbed for 6 hours

Step 7: Here We Go!!!!!

wear it and be gorgeous!!!!!



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