Waterproofing Your Kindle (ipad, Tablet, Nook...)

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Let's be honest, there are few things more stress relieving than finally flipping your lid and telling your boss where he can go and what he can sit on when he gets there...but in terms of stress relief that is less likely to cause security guards to arrive is reading in the bathtub.

This is also a handy way to protect your kindle if you are reading in your kiddie pool in the front yard with your boxer shorts and hot dog. I assure you that the Kindle classes the situation up a lot.

Also applicable, regular pools, the beach, on a boat, while cooking...

I like this even better than using an old book, since the Kindle is protected and you don't need to fiddle with turning pages through a bag. Even the touch screen on a Kindle Fire works through the bag!

Step 1: Materials

The best part about this method is that all you will need is a quart size Ziploc (or knock-off) bag. Other readers may need other sized bags.

Step 2: The Complex How

I keep my Kindle in a carrying case, but that will have to go for now.
Slip the Kindle into the bag.
Um...go have fun..that's all.

Seriously, did you think it would be harder?



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    6 years ago on Step 2

    Hiya - this works great - I do the same thing to mine all the time, but try this little extra trick - seal the bag almost to the end then put your mouth around the last bit and suck out all the air, as you slide your mouth off to the side seal the rest of the bag with your fingers - check out your screen, if ya do it right the bag is super tight and bubble free.

    To any that have not tried this - go for it, it works great.

    Brill instructable - good job.


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    Reply 6 years ago on Step 2

    Thanks! What I usually do of just wrap the bag a bit to get out the air.

    With the Kindle Fire I realized just the other day that now in the bath I can borrow a book from the library and read while listening to Pandora in the bath. The music plays right through the bag! You could even stream a movie. It really opens up some options for relaxing in the tub. You could even play some nice relaxation music and some meditation images...


    Reply 6 years ago on Step 2

    Aaaaahhh the good ole days when we used to have a bath - every bloomin woman I have ever known does not like them, so it is showers all round - he he, maybe pop round to yours sometime and drop in for a soak.

    Take care.



    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hope no one assumes it is meant to go intentionally in water, as those seals will break/leak, especially with el-cheapo bags and if you're playing games on it.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It's more of a splash guard, to be sure. But if you protect with a cheap bag be prepared for disaster.