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Introduction: Waterrocket Filling Station

Finally we built our own Waterrocketlauncher with the "Gardena"-System. Everything works great and the kids (6 and 8) are loving it. We have built tiny rockets which we can launch in our garden without disturbing our neighbors. But unscrewing the rocket tail started to get on our nerves after doing it ten or twenty times and it is also nearly impossible for our kids to do it. Especially for our boy (6): He has only one hand (since birth) and of course he wants to fill, pump and start the rocket on his own.

So here is the super easy waterrocket filling station which even a 6 year old kid with only one hand can handle it perfectly:

What you need:

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Step 1: Parts and Tools

- a piece of tube

- a Gardena Schlauchverbinder

these parts should fit together

- a piece of wood

- a cable strap

- a funnel

- a clamp

- a drill

- pliers

- a center bit with the same diameter as the tube

- a saw

Step 2: Constructing

Drill a hole in a piece of wood, cut the tube so that only a small stripe comes out of the wood, saw the funnel in a way that it fits into the tube, then stick everything together. When you use the cable tie to fix the funnel, the rocket can hang down and the funnel won't pull out.

Step 3: Setting Up

Use the clamp to fix the filling station whereever you want and now it's ready to use!

Future: Maybe I will build a connection between launcher and filling station so that I only have to carry one thing around - there are many possibilities to be tried out.

Step 4: Putting Into Service

When you pour water into the funnel, the water won't go inside the rocket! That is easy physics.

Solution 1: Squeeze the rocket - air goes out, water goes in. Great for kids and tough rockets.

Solution 2: Stick a small pipe (longer than the whole construction) trough the funnel inside the rocket - air goes out, waters goes in. Great for "nonsqueezable" rockets.

And now: Fill the Rocket - click it into the launcher - pump - and SPLASH!!!!

Have fun!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like an excellent setup! Very nicely done!

    My kids would love to do water rockets this summer. Thanks for the ideas!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much. And it is so great to watch the kids playing with the rocket in the garden.