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Introduction: Watery LED Night Lights

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Night light oh Night light, an object that illuminate a room. Now, i will made LED Night Light from trash. The special of this LED night light is the inside contains water, its look like Lava lamp. This Night light suitable for use in your bedroom, also this can use for Halloween Property!. No more talking ! Let's make it

Step 1: You Needs


• Bottle (choose Unique shapes)
• USB plug with cable
• 2 LED (I use Blue and White colors)
• 15 ohm Resistor
• Thin copper wire
• Epoxy / any waterproof glue
• 1 pcs white straw
• Cardboard
• Clear tape


• Knife
• Ruler
• Soldering iron

Step 2: Bottle Proccess

• Take bottle cap and make marks at the center
• Make a hole
• Next, take the bottle and make a hole on the center at the bottom
• Insert the straw to hole on bottle and glue it using Epoxy

Step 3: Next...

While waiting for the glue to dry, take The blue LED and solder it with thin copper wire.

Step 4: Lets Build It

• After the glue dry, insert the led and the wire to the straw until the wire coming from other ends of the straw like image 1 and 2
• Solder the white LED to the copper wire from the blue LED (Parallel), and insert the LED to the straw (image 3)
• Next, solder the Led to the resistor and USB
• Test it

Step 5: Cardboard

• Take cardboard and cut it like image 1 and glue the bottom of the bottle to this cardboard

• Next, for make the lamps head, we need to make 4 cardboard like image 4 and use clear tape for make it like funnel
• Next, cut 3 inch x 3 inch cardboard at make a hole at the center and insert it to the Lamps head.

After all, add water to the inside of the bottle

Insert the Lamps head to the bottle like image 8

Step 6: Finish

You just need power up this to USB output object, like power bank, PC/Laptop, and adaptor

Ok it's finish and looks great!!!

Thanks for look my works!

I hope you can make it better than me.

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