Wave Transer




I created a replica of the wave transer from "ryuusei no rockman" (megaman starforce in europe) for cosplay purposes.

I started out with finding reference material using the original game, anime and pictures on the internet.
I started out by creating the general shape of the wrist mount, then I sliced it in half so it could be printed in 2 parts, eventually you glue these parts together to form a complete part.
since this part had to be split anyway I thought it would be a good Idea to add holes for the straps. I placed them strategically on the split line. then I started to create the case, first by duplicating the shape of the top part of the wrist holder and then scaling it down so it would fit perfectly. next up I made it solid and created space for a phone inside.

since the bottom of the case wasn't flat either it had to be split again and glued together later. last I added a cylinder and made it into a tube with it's inner hole exactly 3mm. then I added 2 cubes and merged the tubes to the middle part of the case. then I created the top cover part also adding a tube but this time offset to the ones on the center part. I then created the logo parts and the yellow lines which were printed in a different color and also glued together afterwards. regular super-adhesive glue sticks perfectly to ABS plastic!

all parts took about 14h to print.



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    2 years ago

    Cool prop! Do you have the 3D printing files you could provide?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I did upload them with my instructable but if they didn' t come trough, they're also uploaded to thingiverse: