"Wave of Light"-Sustainable Flat Pack Chandelier Shade Design

Introduction: "Wave of Light"-Sustainable Flat Pack Chandelier Shade Design

A Simple four step process in creating a sustainable chandelier form. 

Packaging is made from recycled brown paper and instead of ink additions for instructions, all text and images have been burned into the packaging.  Reclaimed rope made of natural fibers of sisel help to hang the product and add a decorative effect to the packaging.

Flat pack itself is a 16x16cm simple laser cut construction made from Ashe wood which is a sustainable material with great strength and flexibility.  

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Step 1: Packaging

Closed packaging is constructed of recycled paper and is created particularly to fold and interlock within itself.  Reclaimed sisel rope is used as a decorative means as well as functions as the lamps hanging device. 

Step 2: Open Your Package

Once packaging is open, you will find your ash wood laser cut flat pack inside with all instructions on the sides burned and branded into the paper to continue a sustainable packaging.  Take your flat pack and break apart the pieces one by one.  

Step 3: Step One

Break apart your flat pack. 

Step 4: Step Two

Each piece is cut on opposite ends at a particular 45 degree angle.  Take each piece and slide into these slots.  You will end up with 3 pentagonal objects. 

Step 5: Step 3

Stack these pieces on top of one another and find three areas in which you wish to tie the layers together and the distance in which you wish to have them apart. 

Step 6: Step Four

Tie and Hang your chandelier shade as you please. 

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Peculiar flat pack assembly project here. I wish I could have seen how the a finished chandelier looks like when fully assembled.


    This looks like a terrific idea, and so sustainable! Any ideas on what kind of bulb to use so it looks good from the inside?