Waveboard Riding and Tricks

Introduction: Waveboard Riding and Tricks

A waveboard is like a skateboard with two wheels. It rotates in the middle so the wave motion happens. It is made for riding flat and on a slight slope. If you wave enough you can go uphill. While a beginner, start on the flat and when you get more confident strt going downhill.

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Step 1: You Will Need

A waveboard
Flat not bumpy area
Slight downhill but not bumpy area.
A bucket
Some water

Step 2: Getting on

There are two ways to get on.

1. Tilt the waveboard forward, put your feet on, and push your heels backward.

2. With your foot, push one of the sides up and put one foot on, jump the other foot up.

Step 3: Riding (waving)

Once you can get on and move like a skateboard, try the waving. While moving, tilt one foot forward and one foot back at the same time. If you find this hard, try doing it still and holding onto something.

Step 4: Stopping

To stop, you just lean forward and tilt your feet forwards. Alternatively, you can just jump off.

Step 5: Turning

To turn, you lean forward slightly and move your left foot a bit forward.

Step 6: Sitting Down

There are two ways to sit on a waveboard.

1. Sit with your legs flat across the board.

2. Sit with your knees up. Your bottom on the back half and feet on the front.

When sitting it's best not to use your hands. If you want to go a bit slower, put your hands on the ground, but definitely WEAR GLOVES.

Step 7: The Bar Tricks

The bar tricks are quite hard. They are to do with the rotating bar in the middle of the board.
There are two tricks.

1. While riding, put one hand behind your legs and hold he bar.

2. While riding, put both our hands behind your legs and hold the bar.

Step 8: The Bucket Tricks

These are based on picking up buckets. There are many variations. Pick up a bucket ……....

1. On the flat ground
2. Going downhill
3. Full of water on the flat ground
4. Full of water going downhill
5. While sitting on the flat ground (water is your choice)
6. While sitting going downhill (water is your choice)

Step 9: Slalom (snake)

Use what you know from turning to do slalom.

Step 10: Shrink and Grow

While riding, duck down and come up again.

Step 11: The Jumping Trick

While riding, jump up and land on the board. If this is easy, try doing a half or full twist in the air.

Step 12: Ideas

If you've got any ideas to try on the wavebaord, leave them in the comments.

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    you are able to do a wheelie by putting preasure on your back foot when it is at the back of the board.To hold this just keep a level compression on the back


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for that. I have heard of doing a wheelie on a skateboard bit I never knew it could be done on a waveboard. I'll give it a go.