Waveform Media

Introduction: Waveform Media

This project is related to new storage media.(This soudwaves are recorded messages from your precious.(And you can hear the message everytime you want.

See this movie!

1.Record Messages (Rec&Restration.pd     samplingrate:5000,arraysize:4000).
2.Make Circle to cut by laser cutter (CircleMaker.pde)

Laser cut & Fabrication

3.Take a picture of waveform object.
(after take a picture of waveform object , you have to edit a picture to binary image. )
4.Make txt file with soudtxtmaker.pde
5.Read txt file and playback (Rec&Restration.pd).

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi ! Thank you for your reply.
    So do I. waveform is so cool !