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Surfs Up!

Summer is here and it is time to have some fun in the waves...

...take an old windsurfer and make a waveski.

Step 1: Get the Bits Together

You will need...

An old windsurfer - I used an old classic Mistral Diamond Head

Epoxy resin + hardener

1sqm glass fibre cloth

Syringe for measuring the resin to hardnener

An old glass jar to mix the resin

A stick to mix

An old paint brush to apply the resin to the glass fibre

Some bits of off cut of ply for the footstrap pads, I used some 4mm and 18mm birch ply

Some bits of polystyrene

Mastic glue

Spray can if you want to make it look cool


Hand saw

Dremel type rotary tool

Router 1/4" or 1/2"


Step 2: Take an Old Windsurfer

A waveski is a cross between a surfboard and a sit on canoe and is played with in the surf, catching waves just like a surfboard.

I have always wanted one and I had an old windsurfer kicking around in the garden that hadn't been used for years...so instead of taking it to the recycling centre I gave it another life and it has given me another fun toy to play with!

A waveski has a thick blocky end with additional buoyancy to keep it on the wave, they also have two or three little fins like a surfboard.

Cut the end of the windsurfer off with a handsaw at about 450mm in from the end.

In hindsight I would have made the waveski even shorter and would suggest taking another 300mm off.

Remove the footstraps and the footstrap blocks if possible. Mine unscrewed and poped out with a flat headed screwdriver.

Fit the fin to the cut off end.

Mark and cut a slot into the end of the main bit of board and push fit the fin end through the slot.

Step 3: Glass Fibre It Together

As a windsurfer is shaped with a rocker profile some wedges may be required to make the cut off fin end sit securely on top of the main board.

I cut some wedges of wood though polystyrene would work as well.

Cut some more of the polystyrene to fill out the blocky shape around the fin end.

Glue it all together with your choice of mastic glue.

Take the glass fibre cloth and cut it so that it drapes over the end section and will tuck around onto the base of the board.

Mix up the epoxy resin as of the requirements on the manufacturers instructions.

Apply the resin to the glass fibre all over and around onto the base of the board.

Make sure the fibre overlaps around onto the board to make a good solid seal.

Leave to cure.

Step 4: Footstraps

A waveski has footstraps so that you don't fall off!

Check where you want them to be positioned with your knees bent.

Cut some 4mm ply and glued on some 18mm ply blocks on the back side.

When dry router holes for the footstrap blocks to fit into, two per side.

Mark on the board where the bottom ply blocks will want to sit.

Cut the top layer of the board with a Dremel and prise the layer off.

Using the router increase the depth of the holes to accommodate the footstrap blocks.

Mastic glue it together and leave to dry.

With some off cuts of glass fibre cloth, resin the new footstrap blocks to the board.

When dry cut out the top of the four holes and check the fit of the original footstrap blocks.

Step 5: Make It Look Good

You are making a cool waveski so why not make it look cool as well!

I made up a stencil and spray painted 'Its a Rubbish Challenge' along the bottom of the board.

I spray painted the top white to cover up the cut up end. I think I will add some more funky graphics to the top.

Screw the original footstrap blocks into place and then screw back the footstraps.

All ready for some Surf...

Step 6: Surfs Up!

Grab your waveski and a paddle and get down to your favourite beach and get into some surf!

I had so much fun down at one of Cornwalls best surf beachs...unfortunately the surf was really small though there was enough to get a few runs.

To be honest I have never used a waveski before though I guess that this windsurfer/waveski probably wont win any prizes in performance though it was great afternoon playing around in the surf. Fantastic

In hindsight I would make the waveski shorter and I would suggest taking another 300mm off of the length.

This project is part of my YouTube series Its a Rubbish Challenge where I try to make cool and interesting things out of the stuff that we throw away. Please check out my channel if you want to see more of the challenges, if not there will be more coming to Instructables.

Why not check out what I am up to with pricklysauce.com

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    Thanks to everyone who voted for this Instructable,

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    4 years ago

    That thing looks like so much freaking fun!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Yeah it is. Even better that it has given the old windsurfer a use and that it isn't now kicking around getting in the way.