Wavy Illusion

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This super easy illusion is a fun and mind-twisting drawing that will for sure impress your friends and family! This illusion appears to show a sort of waving flag affect, and also appears to show several bumps going down into one point deep down somewhere! This can be drawn online or by hand.

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Step 1: Materials!

What you will need . . .

By hand -

1. A ruler

2. A pencil or pen

3. A black marker

Online -

A drawing software you are familiar and comfortable using! (I am using good old paint.)

Step 2: Start Off!

Start this illusion by first drawing a dot in the middle of your page. Then separate your page into an equal number of sections starting from this point. I suggest 6 or 8 sections.

Step 3: Curve It!

Next, start drawing curved lines inside these sections, curving upwards in one section, then curving downwards in the next section. This should create the waving affect. Keep your curves somewhat close together. The more curved your lines are, the more wavy the picture will look!

Step 4: Black and White!

Next color/paint your drawing black and white, skipping colors every space. Your picture should look something like the above. And you are done! Your picture should look really cool and make your brain hurt!

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