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Last Christmas, I got aluminum wire. I had seen some pendants made with it on Pinterest and really wanted to try using it. After experimenting a bit with shaping it, this is what I came up with. I hope you like it! :D 


Step 1: Materials

To make this bracelet, you will need the following:

- aluminum wire, if you want to know how thick it is, that's why I added the last picture. I bought mine here.
- cutting pliers
- round nose pliers
- round object slightly bigger than your wrist

Step 2: Beginning the Bracelet

Start by cutting off a piece of the aluminum wire. I used 70 cm, which resulted in a bracelet of about 14/15 cm.

Next, take your round nose pliers and bend a loop as small as possible. Add your round nose pliers to the loop and bend the next loop around it as shown. Be careful not to destroy the loop when removing the pliers (The two sides will go apart from each other, pushing the loop away).

Step 3: More Bending

Basically the complete bracelet is made by repeating the bending of new loops by adding the round nose pliers to the loop before and bending them around the pliers. As you can see in the pictures, after a while the loops aren't directly next to each other. If you like this, you can leave it this way. If you would like them to be next to each other, use your round nose pliers to move them closer towards each other as shown.

Step 4: Finishing the Bracelet

WHen you have reached the length you need for your bracelet, cut off the excess wire. End it by bending it in a last loop. I made sure the beginning loop and the ending loop weren't both on the bottom or upside, as you can see in the pictures one of the is on the upside and one of them at the bottom.

Step 5: Shaping It a Bit

Now that you have finished the bending of the bracelet, it's time to shape it. Take the round object that's bigger than your wrist and wrap the bracelet around it. After this, you can make a few small adjustments to shape it to your wrist.

Step 6: The Finished Bracelets

And that's it!

I hope you liked this project and found it useful, if you did I would love to know!



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    19 Discussions


    3 years ago

    it actually looks amazing if you bend it then hammer it. I hammered it with a ball peen to give it texture heated it for a Blackend look lightly take it over a sanding block to give bits of shine and I Took ultra fine steel wool to it. After all that I finally Bent it around

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    That sounds amazing! I'd love to see a picture of your result : )


    3 years ago

    I know you actually posted this a while back, but I just wanted to suggest that maybe you could hammer it before you bent it? I've seen hammered jewelry like this alot

    1 reply

    Loved it :), the wave pattern is easy but to make it consistent looking is difficult and you did a super neat job here :).

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    You are just full of good ideas aren't you?! :D love it!

    1 reply