Rainbow Wax Work

Introduction: Rainbow Wax Work

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Why did I do this project?

this project is one of my favourites to do mainly because it is so simple and you can change or add anything to it and it will still look great. When I create this piece I usually add an image out of black card to create a silhouette I then go on to selling me work. You can create this piece or you can create your own by changing the colours or the position on the wax crayons.

For this piece you won't need many things:
- Canvas

- 46 multi coloured wax crayons

- Hair dryer or heat gun

- Hot glue gun with glue sticks

- Plain black card if needed

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Step 1: Applying the Crayons

For this step you will have to order the crayons into an order like the picture above, If the crayons have the paper label on them you will need to remove the paper which allows the crayons to look melted also by taking the paper off it will stop the paper from melting into the wax.

Once you have taken the paper off and ordered the wax in to the order you want you will then need to stick the crayons on to the paper, Make sure you focus on one crayon at a time because if you put the hot glue on first it would have dried by the time you come to stick the crayons down. You also need to be careful whilst using the hot glue as it is easy to burn yourself also the crayon will melt a bit when you put the crayon down.

Once the crayons are all stuck down you will not be able to move them or take them off of the paper

Step 2: Melting the Wax

This step is really easy but you also need to be really careful. I set the hairdryer on high heat and aimed it down at the crayons so the top of the crayon was facing me, it only takes a few seconds for the wax to melt but I held the hairdryer there until the wax melted down the page. I slowly moved the hair dryer up and down the crayons so from the pictures above I went from yellow to black. Be careful when doing this step as it can be very messy and the wax is hard to remove from clothing and carpets. Also the wax will be extremely hot so do not touch it!

Step 3: Final Project

Once you have finished melting the wax I usually wait about an hour for the wax to cool. Once it is cooled you can create a silhouette out of black card and stick it onto the work wherever you want. I created a piece for my college work and posted it to my facebook page which I use to show my art. I'll put the link below. I hope you enjoy making this piece, leave a comment and please like. Thank you.


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    3 years ago

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I want to try this sometime.