Way to Organize/Store Makeup (or Almost Anything) on Your Mirror

Introduction: Way to Organize/Store Makeup (or Almost Anything) on Your Mirror

Basically it's a really easy, fast (and some may say magical) way to organize your makeup on your mirror (or any other crap you wanna stick to your mirror)! I came up with this when all my makeup was being crowded on my bureau and since mirrors aren't magnetic (darn! can't use magnetic strips) and using velcro means that you have to throw away the half the velcro when you're done with the makeup (what are you going to do now?) and difficult to remove I thought I'd get me some adhesive putty and use some of my diy skills. It also helps show all the makeup you have (or use the most often) at once so you don't have to go digging in your makeup bag to find something you need.

It also works as a prank if you decide to stick like a fake hand (or any other unfavorable objects) on someone's mirror . . .

P.S. If you have any questions about what makeup is on my mirror or if you want to know how well I think it works let me know in the comments.

Step 1: Materials

This little project cost about a dollar which was for the adhesive putty. The containers on the mirror are all diy except the green mesh organizer which was an old locker organizer I had. 

-adhesive putty (I bought the cheapest one at Michael's which was about a $1)
it usually comes in blue, orange, yellow (which I used) and gray, you should be able to find  it at a craft store or office store (maybe?)
-makeup/other crap you wanna stick to your mirror
-container or locker organizer (optional)
all the containers on the mirror besides the green mesh organizer I made by cutting old bottles (i.e. shampoo bottles) in half horizontally and using mod podge to decorate them). You could also use any container you already have if it's the right size.
-mirror (or any other surface you want to use)

Step 2: Using the Putty

Essentially all you need to do is rip off a piece of putty (use more for heavy objects, less for lighter objects) and ball it up. Put on the back of the container or makeup container, don't push the ball down. Press it up against the mirror and twist the container or makeup side to side. Voilà!

To take if off just pull and to reattach just stick it back on. Avoid sticking things that have about an oz. directly to your mirror, instead attach a container and then put it inside. P.S. Usually the putty sticks to the container and not the mirror.


Whatever you stick to the mirror usually doesn't fall off, but if it does use more of the putty. And don't freak out in the middle of the night if you hear a loud bang coming from your mirror it's probably because one of the things on your mirror came off . . . if it wasn't that then you can freak out . . .

If you're attaching a container put your finger on the inside of it to press the putty to the mirror and if it keeps falling off let some of the putty go above the top of the container. Press the putty that hangs over the top to the mirror.

To remove just take off the object from the mirror. Take off the putty (it's reusable) if it's difficult use some new putty to and press it against the old putty and it should come right off. If there's some residue use lighter fluid to remove it or read the package that came with the putty.

Be creative, you can attach hooks to put your jewelry on there too! With adhesive putty you can pretty much attach whatever the heck you want to pretty much to any surface.

Step 3: Voila!

Now you got yourself a way to see all your makeup (or other random crap) at once and gives you more room to put more stuff on under your mirror)!

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    So with the actual cosmetics sticking to the glass, how many times can your remove them? Worried that the makeup would fall off over time.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Holy crow, I wish I could shake your goddamn hand. This just simply would have never occured to me. So good. It's tomorrow's mission. I'm going to need a very big mirror.