Ways to Upcycle T-shirts




Introduction: Ways to Upcycle T-shirts

Ever wondered what to do with that old T at the back of your wardrobe? You love it and don't want to chuck it even though it's covered in stains. Well, here are some ways to transform your old clothes!

Step 1: Braid Bracelets

Simply cut a t-shirt into a strip and repeat with different Ts until you get three strips. Make them long enough to knot and braid. Even add beads or buttons if you want!

Step 2: Fringe It!

Grab a t-shirt that is a little long and over sized and a pair of scissors. Cut the bottom of the T upwards then jump about 2-4cm along and cut up to the same length. Repeat till the whole T is done!

Step 3: Knots and Bobbles

This one is the easiest! Get a long t-shirt and hold it up a bit higher so the rest of it dangles down. Now either knot it or tie a bobble that matches the colour of it round it easy!

Step 4: Cut, Snip, Snap!

Cut off your sleeves and take some length off your T. Ok, that's super simple too..... Anyway if you want get the sleeves of another T and swap them!

Step 5: Last But Not Least

Now the last one..............is gonna be in my next post! See u then!

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