Ways to Get Great Photos on Mobile Phones

Introduction: Ways to Get Great Photos on Mobile Phones

As spring began this year i really wanted a garden that have vibrant colors and gave off that "warm" feeling.  So i went out grabbed some seeds and went to work....

Unlike other years i kept to small flowers and away from bushes.  While the area in front of my apartment is small i also have a plot of land where i grew sunflowers last year.  i havent done anything with the plot yet this year (mainly because of time).

The idea i want to share with you is that it doesn't take a super expensive camera to grab nice photos, for instance i used my Droid X smart phone to capture all of my photos.  All it takes are the right settings, flowers, and a steady hand.

photo tips:  if your taking photos of flowers try to incorperate the surroundings and not seclude the flower.  while this seems to make the flower stand out, it takes away from the "natural" look.  by keeping the plants that are next to the flower you wish to take a photo of in the photo you create a more inviting photo.

garden tips:  from my experience placing plants in the correct sunlight will really make all the difference in how well they will live.  I have a slightly shaded area but i get a good amount of sun, and last year some flowers that were more fragile to the sun burnt and died.  a key factor in your garden should be placement.

inluded in my instructable i have photos of my current flowers and garden, i also have a photo of last years sunflower with a butterfly on it that i was more then over joyed to capture.  while being able maintain my garden is fun i love sharing my photos so enjoy!

Ways to achieve good flower photos:

1) Dont always go for the most defined, zoomed in photo.  Often you lose most of what makes the photo of the flower appealing.

2) If possible change your exposure/change macro setting if you want to get a zoomed in shot, this allows for the flower to return more natural colors in the photo, eliminating the overloading luminance you may end up with. (for my phone it allows you change macro)

3) If you are having trouble with getting a focus photo, your best chances are taking a step back, some lens are not made for a macro photo.  

4) Include surroundings in your photo that add to the natural look

5) Having the flower front and center is not always the best place for it in a photo.  Setting the flower to the side allows for a more perspective view.  This is called the Rule of Thirds.

Good luck.

Photos taken with Droid X.  At 8MP HD set on macro.  
*No images were edited except for cropping.

Video: Taken with Droid X after a storm.

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