5 Easy Tips to Save Water

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Saving water is a great way to make a difference in the world. If you want to make a difference here's the way:

Step 1: The Sly Shower:)

The shower always wastes 100s of gallons. To save this water try only staying in for four to five minutes! Or you could try putting a bucket in the shower to collect the water while waiting for the water to warm up. And use the water for something else

Step 2: Toilet Flush

The toilet as to the shower uses much water. Why flush when you could use the shower water to power flush, you know, pouring the bucket water down the toilet causing it to flush.

Step 3: The Rotten Hose

The rotten hose is always used to water plants or clean the car etc. why use the hose when you could use shower water to? Or go a neighborhood car cleaning place? Also instead of just spraying the plants actually soak them, it is actually not effecting the plant and just wasting water.

Step 4: Raining

Very simple when it's raining I'd suggest getting a rain barrel from your local garden store or a giant bucket of some sort and place it outside in a very rainy spot

Step 5: See How Easy It Is?

How you enjoyed and have fun making a difference!



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