Ways to Stop Biting Fingers




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Nail biting is a very common habit (trust me) and practically everyone does it. Although its quite addictive, it can affect your digestive system. These are a few tips on how to stop.

Step 1: Bitter Nail Varnish

Making your nail varnish bitter will make you stop biting your nails. Put on some nail varnish onto your nails then squeeze some lemon juice over it before its set.

Step 2: Trusty Tape

Your trusty tape. Grab some tape and wrap it round your fingers. Easy peasy! Don't do it too tight or you might cut off your circulation!!

Step 3: Gloves

Wooly gloves or rubber gloves, whatever will save your nails.....

Step 4: Nail Balm

Slap on some lip balm onto your nails. This will stop you.... Until you rub it off!



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    2 years ago

    Step 5: Remind yourself how many pathogens you are transferring into your body. Like viruses, germs, bacteria, etc. And how this sets you up for infectious diseases.

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