Ways to a Unique Stylus

Introduction: Ways to a Unique Stylus

With the tips of a cheap stylus you can create your own unique stylus.

Wath you need:
- A stylus with removable soft caps on the tip (you can get packs of them for little money for example on ebay)
- Super glue
- Utility knife
- bit of electric cable (or more precisely the single fine copper wire in it)

you might also need:
- natural materials like leather, feathers, (twigs ...)
- small decoration material like artificial flowers, muiniatures of tools ...
- everyday objects like pencils, pens ...
- additional decoration like wire, cogs, rhinestones ...
- ... be crative ;-)

Capacitive touch screens use variations in an electrical field to register a contact. When you touch a capacitive screen with your finger, it alters the electrical properties of the charged screen in that spot, registering your touch. For a stylus to work it must be made of a conductive material to transmit the electrical field necessary to register the contact.

Some materials already have this ability, othes need an added conductive material. A very good conductive material is copper wire. To get some you cut open a unused electrical wire and remove the isolation. With that very thin wire you can turn almost everything to a capacitive stylus.

Step 1: Pencil Stylus

The easy one
All the pencils I tested worked just like that.

Remove the tip of the stylus.
Cut the end of the pencil, so it fits into the cap of the stylus, but keep the end flat.
Glue the cap on the end of the pencil.
Put some glue around the egde to have a nice finish.

Step 2: Flower Stylus

Also very easy

I found this little bouquet of flowers in a section for wedding place cards.
Cut a hole in the end of the stylus or make the existing one bigger.
Put the bouquet with some super glue in the hole, like a vase.

Step 3: Feather Stylus

The classic way to write

Use a feather with a thick quill. The feather quill won't transmit the electrical field by it self so you need the copper wire.
Remove the tip of the stylus.
Cut the tip of the feather.
Spin the thin copper wire around the quill and fix it with some super glue.
Glue on the cap and make sure cap and the wire have contact.

Step 4: Paintbrush Stylus

For the artist in you

This little paintbrush was part of a makeup set, but I prefer to see it as a paintbrush. :-)

Again the surface won't transmit the electrical field, so you nedd the copper wire.
Remove the tip of the stylus.
If necessary cut the end of the brush so it fits into the cap.
Wind the copper wire around the brush and fix it with super glue.
Glue on the cap while making sure it has contact with the wire.

Step 5: Steampunk Stylus

A more elaborated design with a touch of steampunk

To make the stylus a bit longer you can glue together a stylus and a unused part of an other stylus.
To cover the end of the stylus use a piece of thicker copper colored wire. Make a spiral with the same diameter as the stylus and a pin in the middle. The end should be about 10 cm long.
Cut a hole in the end of the stylus or make the existing one bigger, so the wire fits in.
Glue in the wire.
Put a piece of leather around the stylus and fix it with super glue.
Check to what point the end of the wire will reach when winded around. Drill a small hole in the leather and the stylus underneath.
Make a right angle on the end of the wire and glue it in.
Cut a cogwheel in half. Make a slot in the leather with the length of the cogwheel. Fix it with super glue. Mine is quite flexible to the side but stays in place.

Step 6: Get Creative !

With these methods you should be able to turn almost everything into a stylus.
So be creative !

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Home made stylus' are great! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea!