Ways to Give Cat Medications at Home, Featuring Elderly SMART Calico Cat




Introduction: Ways to Give Cat Medications at Home, Featuring Elderly SMART Calico Cat

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My cat turned 14 and started with rapid heartbeats. She lived 11 more months with medications twice a day. I had to constantly try different ways to fool her into accepting her medicine.

All of these can be researched on Youtube (hint, google repeatedly to get newest methods)

Search: "youtube.com + medicating cat" or "youtube.com cat medicine" or any keywords that might help you find answers.

Methods I tried, included:

  • Hiding it in her food
  • Putting it in capsules (opened from supplements and re-used)
  • Using a cat bag
    • she ended up biting me through jeans and volleyball pants, result, tetanus shot was overdue so OK)
  • Popping it down her throat with finger or...
    • Using pill guns (there are two types, one is easier with special finger handles)
  • Using pill pockets (never worked)
  • Using pill dough with various methods
    • (I would make empty balls mixed with medicated balls, and swap how this is done different days)
  • Grinding meds to hide them easier.
    • A grinding bowl helps, then use wax paper to move or store between feedings
  • Making your own pet dough, or making egg yolk gravy
    • try to "copy cat" pill dough, or Purina gravy lovers packets, there are recipes online)

My cat seemed very intelligent for her having a feral mother--she was nabbed by me when she was a few weeks old. She was born in our window well of the house.

I attempted to share my methods to help anyone that had this problem. Here is one youtube I made:

Or "body bag" as I call it: (struggles) this is more what NOT to do. Get it popped in there, and stroke their throat to help it go down, maybe add some water, there are many good YouTubes out there where it goes smoother.

  • I also tried putting it in syringe but she'd be so upset she would vomit afterwards.
  • Another tip they give you is blow on their nose to get them to swallow.
  • A veterinarian on YouTube had a handle under his windowsill, tied the cat to that (that was successful to keep her in place)

With the bag, she was able to reach around and bite into leg through my jeans.

Do not give up! Search the net and find the solution for your cat.

Also, keep in mind if you surprise them with a different method each day...you might succeed. That was key for me.

  • Another tip is there are some meds that can be put in a form to rub on their ear.
  • Also meds can be mixed to taste better at some pharmacies.

Some days I put her in a small cage so the other cats would not steal her medicated food.

Here are more tips about the capsules and comments are helpful.


Good luck and God Bless all wonderful pet owners.

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    4 years ago

    Thank you katerlyn for all the ideas. When I had to give my cat medications, I wanted to shield the pills so that my cat could not taste the pill and fight it. I found the pill pockets unwieldy. Instead, I pressed a thin layer of bread (readily available and cheap!) around the pill, smeared it with a bit of wet food and water for taste and to make it slippery down the throat. It worked and was safer and more humane than dry swallow.