Ways to Hide a Lonely Vitiligo Spot or a Scar




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Vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation of parts of the skin. It occurs when skin pigment cells die or are unable to function.

(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitiligo )

I've got few vitiligo spots, the most on right hand, but if I'm not as taned as I like to be, they're almost invisible. One spot, the first that appeared on my skin, is on my left arm and it's quite white.

This spot is also very sensitive to sun, so I often risk sunburns.

Please note that vitiligo can be related to thyroid gland disorders (luckly mine is not). Check it with with medical doctor.

Maybe you can use this methods for a scar.

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Step 1: Fake Zipper

This is quite "halloween style", I think it's funny. This wont hide the spot, but it will give it a sense.

Using eye pencil (or other skin safe colours), draw a zipper that opens over the spot. I've tried with grey and black eye pencils. Do little strokes on the outline of the spot, draw the cursor and the stopper.

Step 2: Fake Tattoo

This is one of my favourite methods. Using fake tattoos can be a good compromise. I put it over the spot and it is no more visible and well repaired from the sun. It will last a day or two.

Put the tattoo face down on the skin, damp it with fresh water, wait some seconds, peel it off slowly: here you are!

If the tattoo is like the one I used for this 'ible ("Happy") pay attention that it will not cover all the white skin and you'll risk sunburns if you do not protect it with a lotion.

You can remove the tattoo with oil.

Step 3:

Blusher and cosmetics. Not good with long sleeves that I sometimes pull over my elbew. This is quite good because you can choose the right skin colour, but it's quite long and non-lasting way.

Step 4:

I haven't tried this, yet, but I'm going to do it as soon as I can. You can paint the spot using hennè painting, cover the spot or doing a tattoo!

Step 5:

"Autotanner" cream: I had use this method often in the past, mostly to cover the spots on the hand. The "autotanner" cream is a cream that gives tha skin a suntan without have to stay in the sun. It's more or less a colorant. This will last some days.

Hope you find this 'ible useful!

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    Nice ideas! But I don't think it's ugly in the least. I propose renaming those two spots to 'Part of the beautiful me Spot' and 'Lolz Spot'.

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    Thanks. No, those white spots on my skin are ugly! I hate them.... mostly the ones on the hands. I know that it's not so bad, but I always love tan and I'd really love to have a skin darker than mine.... But my kitty's spots are wonderful, she is beautiful >^.^<