Ways to Transfer SMS From Android to Android

The update of phone is really quick, at the same time, many people also pursue the trend. As a result, people change phones frequently, especially for Android users. Thus, a problem shows up that how to transfer SMS from one Android Phone to another one in a simple and quick way.

Here, I will introduce you a software-Jihosoft Phone Transfer. It is designed specifically to transfer data, including SMS, music, videos, call logs from one phone device to another. It can support many phone models, like Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG and many other hot phone models. Following, I will show you detailed steps to use it.

Step 1: Download, Install, & Launch Jihosoft Phone Transfer

  • On your PC, download the Software from the website - www.Jihosoft.com, here are Mac version and Window version, please choose the right version.
  • Install Jihosoft Phone Transfer on your PC, after that, launch it by double-click.

Step 2: Connect Both of Your Android Phones to Your PC.

  • Connect your Android phones to PC via USB cables, if not successfully, please follow the steps below on your phones.
  • Go to “Settings” - “Developer options” and mark “USB debugging”. Then choose “OK” in the pop-up window. Thus, you connect successfully.

Step 3: Choose SMS to Transfer

  • After connection, your Android phones will be detected by the Jihosoft Phone Transfer and then you can choose which one is "Destination" or "Source" by clicking "Flip".
  • Finally, Select "SMS", and tap "Start Copy" to begin transferring SMS between Android devices.



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    3 years ago

    This is an All-in-one Data Transfer between Android and iPhone. Helps to transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos, music and more between phones from different carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. Transferring between Android and iPhone, from iTunes to Android/iPhone are all supported.