Weapons From Nail and Scrap Metal




Introduction: Weapons From Nail and Scrap Metal

I'm here !

I have intention to make a diorama of a weapon shop (like some in role playing games) so these are my first weapons made from nail, scrap metal and wood, I may also do some leather working... Hope you enjoy it.

Material required: wood, nail, brass, scrap metal...

Tools: files, riffler files, jeweler's saw, drill press, sand-paper... You can see all at the end of my post.

For "How-to-make" : i will update some general ways how to make them all by video or pictures, I can not repeat the same process for every item that I made.

This project will take a long time to complete, please follow my post with patience. Comments and questions are always welcomed. Thank you !

Step 1: Iron Sword Level 1

How to make it :

- Heat the nail up then hammer it to 2.5 mm thickness.

- Use files to shape it to form of a sword's blade. You can also use some riffler files to make the fuller.

- Polish the blade with 1000 grit sand-paper

- The cross guard is made from brass by drilling 2 holes (2 mm diameters) then cut the excess with jeweler's saw as show to fit to the blade.

- The grip was made by rolling some black threads and fix them with super glue.

Step 2: Double Bit Axe - Lv 1

English is not my language so please forgive my error in use of the words and feel free to ask if you need more information.

For this item, all you need is... a piece of metal :). I used some scraps about 4mm thickness and 3 cm length.

- Drill 3 holes (2mm diameters), use jeweler's saw to cut the excess to make the axe-eye.

- Cut sand-paper to strip to smooth the inside (as picture 5)

- Use ball-peen hammer to flatten the piece and file it to an axe head shape.

- Heat treat the axe head and deep it in oil to have a black patina outside. Use 1000 grit sand-paper to shine the bit.

- Make the wooden handle, use bee-wax to protect and give it a shiny look.

Step 3: Small Hand-protected Shield for Thief

Step 4: Bronze Shield

Here's a short video how I make one


Step 5: Throwing Knives for Assassin - Level 1 (from Bicycle Spoke)

Material: - Bicycle spoke, Leather, brass string.

Step 6: Great Sword

Step 7: Viking's Shield

Step 8: Mage's Staff

Step 9: Some More Made With Nail, Brass and Wood

With the same process, you can make another weapons (hammer - nail with a small block of wood, great sword, and katana...) depend on your imagination.

Wooden hammer: As you can see in the picture, I have some brass sheets, I cut 2 strips 2mm width and roll them around the wooden block. You need to fix the end of each strip first with 1mm diameter nail (cut a half), use tiny hammer to force these strips fix to the block's shape. Use hand drill to make some 1mm diameter holes in these strip for the nails go through.

The end of the hammer is made by adding a brass pipe, soldering it to the nail and file it to a round shape.

Hope you enjoy it and have a nice day !

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I cant find the tools list

you are a very skilled jewler!

THIS IS AMAZING. Seriously i really admire your work, really beautiful miniatures.

Maybe you could try a crossbow?

These are amazing. Great instructable!

any tips for someone who is just starting off in the miniature metal working field?

I have done miniatures before, just not "blacksmithing." I have worked with almost everything but metal.

I love the Viking shield. Yet again, your skill has more than impressed me. Well done, an excellent piece of craftsmanship.

You are a very talented person and have inspired me. My friend loves everything connected to vikings. I am hoping to make a viking battle axe.

Thanks for the Instructable.

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you will have a full step about making a viking's wooden shield later :) Thank you for your comment.

I look forward to seeing that. Again, thank you.

I made a viking's shield, please take a look.

These are really awesome and gorgeous. The detail is exquisite in every sense of the word. I hope to do something at least half this good someday.

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Thank you ! Just take your time and enjoy your work, one day you will find that you can do these things easily.

All waay too gorgeous! I've loved miniatures for eons and love history/fantasy role-play as well. In addition, my 10 y/o grandson LOVES swords, but of course we only let him play with wooden ones--he'd go absolutely crazy over a REAL miniature one. I'm thinking maybe making an oven baked clay faux stone base to hold it, "removably", a la King Arthur. Thank you for sharing, I'd have never thought to take my jewelry making skills in this direction, but it's a start & I've got all the tools.

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I love jewelry making and I'm self-taught guy from youtube and books, these miniatures are my first steps in this speciality. Thank you for your comment.

Love this idea, but not really an instructable. There needs to be more description. Some of the terminology used, may not be in a novice's vocabulary, and a video would help to get your head around certain steps.

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This post is still updating, i'm writing some tutorials to make thing clear. Thank you for your comment.

Awesome! That is a real talent. Nice work.

These look incredible!

OMG this is amazing

I will made it! is wonderful!