Wear a Rainbow on Your Head!


Introduction: Wear a Rainbow on Your Head!

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When the toner ribbon is spent in a color printer, it inevitably winds up in a landfill - unless you REMAKE it! I took a pile of this toner ribbon and knitted it into a fun hat for my daughter. This is also a great way to introduce knitting to children. The result is a strong, lightweight, waterproof hat that casts colorful shadows wherever the sun hits it. It's like wearing a rainbow on your head!

Step 1: Take Your Trash...

Gather spent toner ribbon from a color printer.

Step 2: ...and KNIT!

Using a round loom, knit the toner ribbon into a hat! Since the ribbon is thicker than yarn, the knitting process is easier and faster. Perfect for teaching children how to knit!

Step 3: And Voila! You Have a Rainbow Hat!

And the landfill has one less thing in it!



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    3 Discussions

    That's so cool! I've never seen toner ribbon. Is it soft or more plasticy? Is the hat comfortable to wear?

    2 replies

    Just added some new pictures to my instructable! You can see the process in more detail now.

    It's actually pretty soft! It conforms to your head well. My daughter loves it!