Wearable Disco Ball Visor




Introduction: Wearable Disco Ball Visor

I like disco balls, thought it would make a cool Hat. Ok what you need, a cheap Visor ( no matter what color ), then Cutable Flexible mirror, Sharp sisors, Hot glue gun ( low/multitemp ) with plenty glue stix. Fine sharpy perment marker, and about an hour to spare. I got all the stuff from my local Walmart.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Ok First i got a cheap visor, any hat place. Then I went to Walmart, in the auto section I got a Cutable Flexible Mirror ( it's lighter than real mirror, and a lot safer ), then a Hot Glue Gun and Lots of Glue stix ( Use low/Muti temp so it don't melt Mirror ) then get sharp Sissors, Sharpy Marker, Ruler, and about an hour to put together.

I took the Mirror out the package, on the back I took my ruler and Marker and made a grid, One Visor I made a grid of 1/2 inch squares, and another i made 3/4 inch squares. The larger are easier to cut, and glue, but don't flex as much. The smaller squares are harder to cut, and glue, but keep the visor more flexible.

Step 2: Mark Your Lines on Visor for Starting Point

I wanted the Mirror lines to be as straight and even as I could get them even with the curve of the Visor. So I used a pencil or marker and made some marks to have my start point.

Step 3: Start Your Glueing

I took the first square and started at the bottom ring, I figured that's what people see when they first see me. So after the Hot Glue gun got nice and hot, I put a large dollop on the hat and positioned the first square. Then I did the second, making sure to stay even as I could, it's kinda like laying down tile on your floor.

When i would get to an edge that the whole square wouldn't fit I placed it where i wanted it to go and used the Sharpie behind the square to mark where to cut. Then I put hot glue, and placed the newly cut square. It keeps the edge looking straight and clean. I kept the same steps for the bill, but i had to make more individual cuts since it curves more.

Step 4: Keep It Clean As You Go

As you keep Glueing you will get strings or hairs of Glue that Crosses the Mirror Squares. If you Clean them as you go it won't b so bad and look allot cleaner and neater. The cleaner you keep it, in the end the mirror will look better, shinier, and People can't tell what you used to hold the squares in place. When done I put a bead of glue around all the edges. I did this because people kept asking me to see the hat, and i didn't want them to prick there fingers on any edges, Nor did i want to cut myself on my face, just in case.

When done the hat is still flexible and wearable, it's light and you don't notice anything different then a normal visor. But everyone around you will notice, and the brighter the room the more the effect, and since your moving unlike a regular Disco Ball, the lights go everywhere.



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    The first visor i made i used real glass mirror, problem was the visor got really heavy, and i kept cutting my hands taking it off. People kept trying to touch it and a couple got scratched. I then found flexible Mirror in the automotive section, its used for temporary side mirrors. Its plastic with mirror coating thats flexible i made a 3/4 inch grid i used scissors and cut the squares out. The Second visor i used a Large Paper cutter at my work.

    how did you trim the edges of the mirrors?? did you use a dremmel?

    xD next u could get alot of those make an origami ball (modular) and then like put those mirrors on! XD DISCO BALL YEAAAH!

    Brilliant. I am so wearing this on Thursday to thie stoopid club. Where would one get "flexible mirror"?

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    In the Auto Section of Walmart or by the Side Mirror's in most Auto parts Store's. "Flexible Mirror" is a Temp Mirror for when you Break your side mirror. You would trace the side mirror opening Cut the Temp Mirror and Use double stick tape to hold in place, until you can find a Glass Mirror Replacement. All it realy is, is a plastic sheet with a highly reflective material on the back, Hope that helps.

    Cool idea, I didn't know that there was sucha thing as a flexible mirror, now I do though. It looks like your hat came out great. Good job!

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    Thanx - The Flexible mirror is in the Auto section, its used for a temperary side mirror. In case u broke your mirror and couldnt find a glass mirror, you use the Cutable mirror to the size you need. Then Double stick tape it, until you can get a real Glass mirror. I used that stuff because its light, easy to cut, safe, and just as reflective.